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2012 Scholars

Thomas Hsu

Thomas Hsu

Classification: Junior
Graduation Year: 2016
College: College of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering 
High School: Liberty High School
Hometown: Houston, TX

About Me

Born in Ames, Iowa, I was constantly on the move during my youth. From the northern states of the US to Singapore to Taiwan, I then eventually ended up in Frisco, Texas. I am an amiable student and I love to share any kind of knowledge I have. I enjoy many things from music to sports and could possibly be considered a jack of all trades. My passion for healthcare inspires me to pursue a healthcare related career and also medical school. But along the same lines, I do enjoy the hands on of engineering which is why I chose the major Biomedical Engineering.

Campus and Community Involvement

I am currently an Honors advocate and seeking to become an ambassador. I do a lot of volunteer work through the Metropolitan Volunteer Program. I am also an active member of Honors Engineering Program and currently seeking a medical society to join. 

Awards and Honors

In high school, I was an AP scholar with distinction and was able to transfer 30+ credit hours into UH. I was also a great violin player with many awards from regional competitions. Aside from the Tier One scholarship, I also received a Top 10 ranked scholarship from my school district. I was also awarded a scholarship for my volunteer services at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas.

Study Abroad

I know both Chinese and Spanish as foreign languages so I have a wide range of where I could possibly go. I would like to go to either Costa Rica or China in hopes of a cultural emersion and also to get to know more about healthcare there and maybe even volunteer there as some kind of student healthcare provider.


I am looking for exposure to medicine or biomedical engineering that will help me through medical school. I am interested in infectious diseases, cancer, and the nervous system of a human. Pretty much anything to do with the human body I am interested in researching in hopes of gathering data that can help others.

Future Endeavors

My future career plans is to pursue an MD and work in the a healthcare profession. It has been a dream and passion of mine ever since I was young.