2012 Scholars

Omar Ali

Omar Ali


Classification: Sophomore
Graduation Year: 2016
College: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Major: Biology & Physics
High School: Spring High School
Hometown: Spring, TX

About Me

If I had to describe myself with only one word, I would say I am a dreamer. I have grand dreams, dreams that I know that the University of Houston will help me accomplish and fulfill. Aside from my desire to get a world class education and knowledge in the fields of biology, physics, and government; I thoroughly plan to enjoy and take advantage of my undergraduate years by being part of all that the University has to offer and making the most of this college experience. I am excited to grow and learn at UH and to contribute to the cultivation of the campus. From a young age I learned a love of medicine and as I grew I become very interested in politics and government; it is thus my career goal to become a medical correspondent and combine my interests of both policy and medicine. I am a driven and motivated student and I know I will succeed. I have a firm belief that one day I will change the world for the better, and it is towards that goal that I strive.

Campus and Community Involvement

Being involved and beneficial in my community is something that I hope to continue working towards for the rest of my life. In the past I have volunteered at Northwest Medical Clinic and at a local free community clinic. There I helped patients and assisted physicians while at the same time learned valuable skills and experience in the medical atmosphere. I also take part in organizations that do community service projects and I enjoy taking leadership roles in those situations for the betterment of myself and those around me. In high school I was the President of the NHS where I lead the way in many projects including; Supplies for Soldiers in Iraq, Dodge ball Tournament to raise money for families in need, adopting a family over Christmas, and a Carnation drive to raise funds. I was also President of the Health Occupational Students of America (HOSA) club at my High school where I lead the way in Cancer awareness weeks, and spreading preventative information about diabetes.

Honors College Ambassador

As a member of the Honors College I was welcomed into the ranks of Ambassador after an application process, interview, and service within the Honors College (serving at Open Houses, and making recruitment phone calls). As an Honors Ambassador I will represent the face of the Honors College to prospective students and current students alike. I will serve the Honors College in its open houses, orientations, phone calls, and general functions. It is truly an honor to serve as an Ambassador.

Policy Debate

My love for policy, medicine, and debate has fueled my success in the University Policy Debate team. I competed as a novice, representing the University at one of the largest national debate tournaments in the Fall of 2012. I successfully made it into an elimination round at my first ever national tournament, a feat that has taught me much on poise, leadership, and quick thinking. Policy Debate has been a great experience in preparing me for a career as a medical correspondent. I have also traveled to inner city schools in Houston to teach them more about debate and foster a community of debaters at the earliest levels.

National Pre-Medical Honors Club

At the university I have joined Alpha Epsilon Delta (the National Pre-Med Honors Club) where I have contributed in fundraising. I also traveled with Alpha Epsilon Delta to medical school tours of Anatomy Labs, and received first-hand experience with cadavers and other important medical practices. Additionally as a part of AED I write articles for their weekly journal the “Scalpel” where I contribute stories of medical importance and also other interesting things on campus.

Certified Pharmacy Technician

I am a board certified Texas Pharmacy Technician. I plan on working in the pharmacy to gain knowledge about prescription drugs and pharmacokinetics.

Hospital Volunteer

I am a volunteer at Memorial Hermann hospital in the medical center. I volunteer on a weekly basis in a wide capacity assisting the physicians and nurses.

Chemistry Tutor

I tutor freshmen chemistry for the University of Houston on a weekly basis. I was selected from former freshmen students in chemistry who showed both an aptitude and understanding of Chemistry.

Tier One Medical Correspondent

As a Tier One scholar, I have received much from the University, so I have made it a priority to give back as well. I am currently spearheading a new initiative that will capture the freshmen experience of Tier One scholars and foster greater involvement and support for the Tier One program. I am the news reporter/medical correspondent for Tier One – and will be creating new and interesting stories, interviewing Scholars and University Students, and posting these videos on the Tier One page. Not only is this a way to give back to the University it also endows me with great opportunity and poise to practice medical correspondence.


All through my high school years, I played Tennis for the varsity team, and eventually became the tennis team captain. I won many local and area tournaments, and as captain often helped coach the freshmen and JV teams. I continue to play tennis recreationally, as a way to enjoy myself and stay fit.

Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding freshman in the Honors Human Situation course. As nominated by honors faculty.
  • Tier One scholarship from the University of Houston.
  • Houston Endowment Scholarship and the Spring Way Scholarship.
  • Questbridge Scholarship finalist.
  • High School - top percentage of my class. Top 1%.
  • Selected in the 7th grade to take the SAT and was recognized for my high school as a finalist.
  • President and other Officer positions in many clubs; including National Honor Society, Health Occupational Students of America, Spanish Club, and the Tennis team.

Study Abroad

In College I hope to continue adding to my language repertoire by learning the Arabic language. That being the case I hope to travel to a country where Arabic is the common tongue so that I may be immersed and surrounded by Arabic and thus learn it myself.


I am currently undertaking research in medical policy and health communications. It is collaborative research with the UH Communications Department.

I hope to continue research in areas that will benefit me in my long-term career, hence research in the medical field and biology combined with research in politics, government, and broadcasting.

Future Endeavors

To stay involved in the University. To become a leader in whatever capacity I can. To get a great education and to be successful in my goals. To have fun and take it easy.