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2012 Scholars

Alyssa Neal

Alyssa Neal


Graduation Year: 2016
College: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Major: Biology
 High School: Smithson Valley High School
Hometown: San Antonio, TX

About Me

There are two things people instantly notice about me: my quietness and my innate ability to walk at a pace much faster than a run, both of which easily allow me to think on my feet. However, my hands are always at work too, scribbling some random thought onto a Post-It or cradling a mug of hot tea. I love reading and writing, and a little part of me dreams of becoming a novelist. Despite personally maxing out at basic piano skills, music is also a huge part of my life; my iTunes library spans more genres than I can even count! Luckily, my family and friends embrace my little quirks and inspire me to keep striving for my goals. They’ve taught me that my faith will always lead me in the right direction…which is hopefully the route to class.  

Campus and Community Involvement

I'm looking into organizations geared towards careers in the health field, such as the American Medical Student Association and the Allied Health Professions Society. The Metropolitan Volunteer Program and Cougars for Change are on my radar as well to investigate how I might serve in those areas.

Awards and Honors

In conjunction to being a Texas and AP Scholar, I graduated summa cum laude from high school as a member of the National Honor Society. I served as the SVHS cheerleading captain for three years and was named an NCA All-American. Lots of hard studying paid off as I made it onto the Dean’s List both semesters of my freshman year. The T. Paul Sides Memorial Fund was gracious enough to gift me with an additional scholarship to help further my schooling as well.

Study Abroad

I believe studying abroad is a very important contributing factor in any college experience. It allows students to really put everything into perspective; there is a whole world beyond campus grounds that's waiting to be impacted by our choices. And, when I learned that the Tier One Scholarship included the opportunity to study abroad, I squealed just a bit. I've been itching to get my feet on European soil for ages and now I finally have a parentally approved reason!


As the physiology geek that I am, I would love to be a part of medical research. Both neurology and hematology fascinate me and any kind of hands-on experience would be phenomenal. However, I by no means want to limit myself to just those two areas. I'll soak up all the research I can get!

Future Endeavors

As of now, I'm planning to continue my education on the graduate level to become a physician assistant. Medical school isn't completely out of the question though. Either way, I have solid plans to enter the medical field after gaining my undergraduate degree.