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2012 Scholars

Alexander Pankiewicz

Alexander Pankiewicz

Classification: Junior
Graduation Year: 2016
College: Cullen College of Engineering
Major: Chemical Engineering
Minor: Energy & Sustainability
High School: Stephen F Austin High School
Hometown: Sugar Land, TX

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About Me

I’ve always had an open mind. To put it straightforward, I am trying to learn as much as I can about the energy industry before I enter the workforce. There are so many perspectives and theories of how our world functions, thus I’m trying to figure the ideal way of how to fuel it. However, on the demand side, I have listened, watched, and witnessed so many accounts of how our human race is lacking the purpose of living better. So along with the technicality of the supply side of the industry, I am fully interested about the lifestyles and mindsets our society needs on the demand side of the industry. I am living to figure out the science, economic theories, business, culture, and ethics behind how we can all live together on a healthier, more sustainable model. My purpose here is to figure out how to make life better and how we can get there.

Campus and Community Involvement

Academically, I’m involved in the AIChE chapter of UH. As for sports, I tend to balance out my heavy academic schedule by putting myself in the outdoors through running, mountain biking, and fishing. The world we live in and life that we have is truly extraordinary, so I try to make full use of it. Oftentimes, it’s easy to get wrapped up with work and school, but I always reassure myself of the world that we live in with a good run around campus or a trail ride at Terry Hershey or Memorial Park.

Awards and Honors

I was a part of the National Honors Society, an honors math club- Mu Alpha Theta, and a varsity level orchestra throughout high school.

Study Abroad

From the patterns I’ve been seeing in articles and books, the Scandinavian countries seem to be the leading countries in terms of government policy, business strategies, and economic growth. Their simple and down-to-earth culture also reflects that. Therefore I anticipate to study in Denmark for the coming summer and experience what it takes to live in these Scandinavian countries and achieve some of the highest rankings in GDP, happiness, work-life balances, and quality of life.


During my freshman year, I shadowed a graduate student involved in a project for cell immunotherapy, within the chemical engineering department. This exposed me to the R&D sectors of medicine and what it takes to be in a laboratory environment. From here, I plan on experiencing what other research can be done in a non-laboratory setting by putting together a research paper or thesis; this would go into detail, backed by history and data, of what the key issues are in our society on the demand side of the energy industry that would allow us to develop sustainably.

Future Endeavors

As of now, I am trying to gain as much exposure as possible in the field of energy before selecting a specific career. The energy industry is endless with opportunity and growth, so before finding a specific career, I want to become well-versed in the technical side of the industry, along with business, economics, policies, and politics. Toward the end of my studies here, I plan on transitioning into a graduate program for more exposure of the industry. Hopefully this will set me on a clear path of where I belong, whether it’s in consulting, policy, engineering, etc.