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2011 Scholars

Boston Yoder

Boston Yoder

Pamela and Patrick Newman UH Tier One Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Sophomore
Graduation Year: 2015
Major: Pre-Nursing
High School: Lloyd V. Berkner High School
Hometown: Dallas, TX

About Me

I am passionate about people, music, and all things sports and fitness.My faith takes priority in my life and gives me daily strength. My family is also important to me, and have contributed greatly to the person I have become.

Campus and Community Involvement

I am a part of the Honors College, and participate in intramural sports. I take any opportunity I get to volunteer or participate in campus events, as they are always very rewarding. I have also recently been working to start an organization to raise awareness and fundraise for Human Trafficking in the Houston area.

Awards and Honors

I was a leader in the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and an outstanding member of the Berkner Girls Service Society. I held a leadership role two out of four years in my high school band, was a varsity soccer captain my senior year, and was also a student leader for the Young Life National Student Organization. I received two nominations for the National Young Leadership Council, and a nomination to attend a National Young Leaders Medical Forum Conference. Along with the Tier One Scholarship, I received the Top 10% Scholarship.

Study Abroad

Due to my interest in the medical field, I feel it would benefit me the most to learn Spanish as a second language. I am currently interested in a three-week study abroad program to Costa Rica, where I would live with a Costa Rican family. During my time there, I would learn Spanish in a primary setting. The most interesting part of study abroad is the idea of not just learning about a particular subject, culture, or language, but instead, the opportunity to experience it first hand. I feel incredibly honored to be given this opportunity to study abroad and maximize my education to its fullest potential.


As I am potentially going to be a nurse anesthetist, I would like to research a field that explores the safeties and risks of different types of anesthesia. Determining the differences of each, and discovering which types are more suited for certain cases is something I look forward to researching.

Future Endeavors

After I complete two years of pre-requisites for nursing, I am hoping to attend the University of Texas Health Science School of Nursing where I will complete a five-year program to study nurse anesthesiology.