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2011 Scholars

Boxin Xu

Boxin Allen Xu

Lana A. Culpepper UH Tier One Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Prof 1
Graduation Year: 2017
College: College of Pharmacy
Major: Pre-Pharmacy (2011-2013), PharmD (2013-2017)
High School: Dulles High School
Hometown: Missouri City, TX

About Me

I am a tall Chinese guy who enjoys reading, playing clarinet, and playing tennis. My interests lie in the pharmaceutical and medical fields.  I am a proud cougar and I enjoy watching football games when UH is playing.  I have obtained the certification of a pharmacy technician during the summer and would like to pursue a Pharm. D. degree through the University of Houston. Currently I have been accepted into the UH College of Pharmacy’s class of 2017. It is here that I will continue to pursue a higher education. Scientific discovery and medical treatment of human illnesses motivate and inspire me to work harder.

Campus and Community Involvement

Currently, I am the Treasurer of Asian Medical Professions Society (AMPS) and I am a member of the Pre-Pharmacy Association (PPA). I actively volunteer with them at various events throughout the whole year. Other than these two organizations, I also joined the tennis club to improve my tennis skills. Besides tennis, I also like to play ping pong, and badminton with my friends at the Recreation Center. This past summer, I also volunteered at Ben Taub Hospital’s outpatient pharmacy. During my volunteering, I performed pharmacy technician duties such as filling prescriptions, restocking drugs, working the greeter’s desk, filing documents, and checking inventory.

Awards and Honors

Among the awards I have received from High School are the Distinguished AP Scholar Award and Academic Excellence Award. Other than the Tier One Scholarship, I have also received the El Paso Corporation National Merit Scholarship.

Study Abroad

Since I have obtained the Chinese language AP credit, I am currently not taking a language class in UH. I am interested in studying abroad in Asia, particularly China. I believe the most intriguing thing about studying abroad would be learning new things in a foreign land and meeting new people. If I am able to study in China, I hope to deepen my understanding of the Chinese culture and language.


My research interests lie in the medical field, particularly any topic that is related to pharmacy.  After looking at the many research opportunities available, I have decided to search for a project involved in treating stroke, cancers, heart disease, or Alzheimer’s disease. I would like to continue being involved in research throughout my academic career. Last spring, I found a research opportunity and learned about the cardio enzyme Troponin C with Dr. Svetlana Tikunova. I also explored more about the research process and what is involved when conducting scientific studies.

Future Endeavors

My future career plan is to complete the Doctor of Pharmacy program in four years at the UH College of Pharmacy. After my first year in pharmacy school, I plan to apply for an internship to gain experience and further my knowledge of working in the pharmacy field.  My long term goal is to work either in a hospital as a pharmacy doctor to assist patients or in a pharmaceutical company to continue research for new medicines. I am also interested in learning more about independent pharmacies and the possibilities they may present.