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2011 Scholars

James Wang

James Michael Wang

Nancy D. Palm UH Tier One Scholarship

Classification: Junior
Graduation Year: 2015
College: College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Major: History
Minor: Military Science
High School: Nimitz High School
Hometown: Houston, TX

Spotlight: Excelling in Academics and Army ROTC leadership

About Me

I am a proud and native Texan. I believe in the values of freedom, democracy, and patriotism. I was the president of the Business Professionals of America and the Criminal Justice Society in high school and graduated 6th out of 729. I am motivated by the struggles of my parents, refugees from the Cambodian Genocide of Pol Pot, who have made a terrific living in America. If a refugee with literally nothing but the clothing off their back can make it in America, anybody can. I have no excuse to push myself to the best of my ability.

Campus and Community Involvement

I am a member of the Houston Battalion US Army ROTC and co-chair for the PR and Advertising Committee for the Student Governing Board.

Awards and Honors

Placed multiple times in Spanish Foreign Language Fair, named Outstanding Criminal Justice Senior, and advanced to the State Leadership Conference for Parliamentary Procedures for Business Professionals of America. Since attending UH, I have been made co-chair for the PR and Advertising Committee for the Student Governing Board.

Study Abroad

I plan to take Intermediate Spanish in my sophomore year for my BA requirement, in addition with Chinese. If I were to study abroad, I would like to take a tour of Southeast Asia to see how well the area’s recovered since the wars of the 1960s and 1970s.


I plan on doing some type of history research project, possibly one covering one of the major 20th Century wars and its impact on modern society, such as culturally, economically, and politically. As a history major and an aspiring law student, research will always be an important part of my career and should be at least a component of any successful student’s career.

Future Endeavors

After graduating with a BA in History and commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army, I plan on serving my country for the next three years either in the JAG Corps as a lawyer for the military or as an infantry officer. Either way, I will eventually pursue a Juris Doctorate for my career as a criminal prosecutor in the state of Texas. I believe that the criminal justice system as a whole is too slow-reacting and overwhelmed by the wave of crime in today’s society. I hope to do my part to crack down on crime, deliver the strictest justice to society’s most heinous, and make Texas a model for criminal justice across the country.