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2011 Scholars

Khathy Tran

Khathy Tran

Peggy Coyle Seaver UH Tier One Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Junior
Graduation Year: 2015
College: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Major: Biochemistry
 High School: Pearland High School
Hometown: Pearland, TX

About Me

I am a highly philosophical person and at the same time a person who believes in balance, modesty/humility, and open-mindedness. I enjoy music in all its forms whether from the classical and romantic pieces of Beethoven and Chopin to the contemporary waves of popular artists today. I have accomplished much in terms of personal enlightenment and becoming a better person each and every day. I am motivated by acts of good will and the desire to give my family and mother the best life they have earned; a good life that I am blessed with now; a life that I never had as an impoverished and poor child.

Campus and Community Involvement

I enjoy volunteering and hope to join MVP and the Pre-Dental organization, even more so, I am volunteering for a local dentist in hopes to gain inside knowledge and hands on experience in the field of, hopefully, my future career. Much of my past involvements were strictly high school, so I hope to start anew and begin a new path of volunteering at the college level.

Awards and Honors

I have received honors and awards for various acts and achievements which included All-A for two years, AP scholar awards, and Latin competition placements. In addition to the TierOne scholarship, I have also earned the Top 10% high school graduate scholarship.

    Study Abroad

    I am planning on taking Vietnamese, Japanese, and Spanish classes in which the Japanese would be geared to my hopes that I may study abroad in the rich cultures, society, and mentality of Japan and its people. I am most interested in the different philosophies and mentalities of people of different cultures, their political view on America, and their near alien culture that would provide a great, new learning experiences.


    I am highly interested in the biomedical and medical applications research that involve helping the sick and wounded with the advances of medicine and biomedical technology such as engineering synthetic organs, stem cell research, the cure for cancer and other highly prevalent diseases. I hope to continue research through the four years I will be here at the University of Houston.

    Future Endeavors

    I hope to become a graduate at the University of Texas – San Antonio Dental college in order to pursue my passion of becoming a better person and my desire and urge to help others with the somewhat naïve but true philosophy of helping everybody, one smile at a time.