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2011 Scholars

sandra yan

Sandra Yan

University of Houston Alumni Association UH Tier One Scholarship Endowment 

Classification: Senior
Graduation Year: 2015
College: College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Major: Biology and Psychology
High School: Dawson High School
Hometown: Pearland, TX

About Me

I am known for being optimistic, a bit clumsy, and generally a cheerful person. My interests lay in biology and psychology which are two subjects that I find fascinating. I enjoy reading, painting, and learning origami in my free time. I know how to fold a crane, grackle, butterfly, 2 different boxes, canoe, boat, hat, and a rabbit. My greatest role model is my mother who I love very much and has taught me the importance of caring for those around you.

Campus and Community Involvement

I have enjoyed many interesting experiences that come with being a volunteer which gave me a chance to observe what career I would like to pursue to the different fields that I am interested in. Currently, I am volunteering at a research immunology department where I am learning the details in research procedures and gaining experience in a lab. I am also in the Health Occupational Students of America (HOSA) organization.

Awards and Honors

I was a recognized AP scholar and received the top ten percent scholarship in addition to the Tier One scholarship.

Study Abroad

I would be interested in traveling to Japan, Italy, and Germany to learn about their cultures, values, and the differences of their outlook on life compared to Americans. I have found that the comparison of Eastern and Western cultures to be particularly rewarding as the values they hold can sometimes be the exact opposite. An example is the more collectivist thinking that is prevalent in Asian countries verses the more individualistic thinking in Western countries. This difference in values provides an excellent contrast thus highlighting how some small differences can be reflected in the very foundation of society. I believe that in order to truly understand a culture you have to remove yourself from it by compare it to others. It is by comparison that brings attention to the otherwise invisible details which are easily overlooked when one is immersed in that culture. Also the extent to which one culture varies with another is just the differences of the extent to which they prize some values over others. However, many of these heavily emphasized values in one culture are still present in other cultures only they may be more subtle. Cross-culture examination then may be crucial to identifying the key components of human nature and the fundamental basis for humans as a whole.


I am interested in the field of research that is the fusion of the two fields; biology and psychology.  The intricate relationship between the mental and physical spheres in an individual has always been an interest of mine. It represents the epitome of how the abstract and physical worlds can interact, both influencing one another. The physiological state’s effect on the mind has been closely studied in the past, starting with the use of certain drugs in treating mental disorders. However, the reverse relationship of how the mental state influences the physical state of the body is still a rapidly developing field with many gaps that need to be filled. An example of this is how in some individuals with multi-personality disorder has different visual acuity between different personas. What is even more interesting is that these differences in visual acuity can be physiologically measured.

Future Endeavors

After getting my undergraduate degrees in biology and psychology I plan to continue and get a PhD in Psychology.