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2011 Scholars

Shreena Patel

Shreena B. Patel

Pamela and Patrick Newman UH Tier One Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Junior
Graduation Year: 2015
College: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Major: Biology
High School: William B. Travis High School
Hometown: Sugar Land, TX

About Me

I am the youngest of three sisters and moved to Texas from Bedford, England when I was 6 years old.  I grew up in Sugar Land, and graduated from William B. Travis High School in May 2011. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy physical fitness and volunteering in the community. I volunteer at the Texas Children’s Hospital, and I love interacting with patients. I enjoy attending UH as it allows me to meet new people while developing my academic pursuits.  I have always motivated myself to work hard, and to put my full effort into everything I do.

Campus and Community Involvement

Living in the dorms on campus has given me the opportunity to get involved with the activities taking place on campus. I enjoy going to the recreational center to workout. I participate in volunteering events in my community and take pleasure in giving my time to help those in need. I volunteer at the Texas Children’s Hospital and at Project CURE. My experiences at Texas Children’s Hospital gave me significant exposure to the healthcare field and have driven me to pursue a career in nursing.

Awards and Honors

I achieved academic excellence throughout my four years of high school. I graduated from high school Magna Cum Laude with cords from the Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish National Honor Society, and the National Honor Society. At the University of Houston, I received the Tier One Scholarship along with the Academic Excellence Scholarship. I have also been awarded Dean’s List recognition for the past two semesters.

Study Abroad

I studied Spanish for 4 years in high school, and I am eager to continue developing these language skills in college through coursework and study abroad programs. I would like to study in a Spanish speaking country, so that I can further embrace the Spanish culture while becoming fluent in the language.


I am interested in epidemiological research concerning culture, social status, and economic conditions of people and how these relate to their health care decisions.  This will help me understand the motives behind the choices people make about their health care, and the results can be used to better tailor strategies for positive health promotion.

Future Endeavors

After completing my nursing pre-requisites, I am planning on attending a nursing program in Texas. After receiving my Bachelors of Science in Nursing, I am interested in furthering my education as a neonatal nurse practitioner. Nursing is a profession that aligns with my personal and academic interests, as I enjoy caring for the needs of others.