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2011 Scholars

Luis Nambo

Luis Nambo

Peter Y. Tsan UH Tier One Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Senior
Graduation Year: 2015
College: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Major: Mathematics
High School: Irving High School
Hometown: Irving, TX

About Me

I am an aspiring mathematics professor trying to fight my way through college. Languages interest me, so naturally I find different cultures poke my curiosity—especially their foods. Having been a student-teacher during my senior year in high school, the 3rd grade class that I taught greatly motivates me, for I want to make a better future for them by being the best that I can be. And as a final note: “I don’t speak German but I can if you like.”

Campus and Community Involvement

Currently I am not involved in anything on campus—yet. In high school, though, I was involved in Academic Decathlon, Student Council (Representative), National Honor Society, and Biology Club (President) during my senior year. Through these organizations, I was able to volunteer in the community, such when I aided in a canned food drive as part of Student Council.

Awards and Honors

I was a member of the National Honor Society, graduated Magna Cum Laude, and received various awards in English throughout my high school career. Aside from the Tier One Scholarship, I also received the Top 10% Scholarship and the Beatrice Ponce Garcia Scholarship, awarded to those who plan to be future educators.

Study Abroad

I currently am not taking any languages, but I am interested in Japanese. I have studied the language since I was in 8th grade, so getting an actual formal education in it would be nice. It is no surprise then that my location of choice for studying abroad would be Japan. I am interested in learning more about the culture, and since the easiest way to learn a language is by visiting the country where the native language is spoken, I believe that my Japanese would improve tenfold.


I am interested in research dealing with biology and math, perhaps using math as a method of modeling certain processes in nature. My goal is to do research for as long as possible (and as long as money is available), for I believe that by doing so, I will learn and acquire skills that I may not be able to gain while in the classroom.

Future Endeavors

I plan on going on to graduate school and getting a PhD in mathematics, for I want to be a math professor. Hopefully I will be able to teach at a university level at least one of the students in the 3rd grade class that I taught in during senior year. If that were to happen, my life would be complete.