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2011 Scholars

Merlin Jacob

Merlin Ann Jacob

University of Houston Alumni Association Tier One Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Junior
Graduation Year: 2015
College: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Major: Biology
Minor: Medicine and Society
High School: North Shore Senior High School
Hometown: Kerala, India

About Me

I would describe myself as being passionate, caring and pleasant. At times, I can be a tad bit obsessive and clumsy. If I devote myself to something I really care about, I’m ready to put all my time and effort into it. I love reading, a little creative writing, singing, dancing, and attempting art here and there despite my constant failures. I have a sensitive nature and I consider it a positive trait. I believe it makes me more aware of others’ feelings and needs. I love taking care of people and am inspired by my mother, a nurse. I believe in serving God through helping those in need of care and compassion.

Campus and Community Involvement

I like volunteering and have been in various settings where I was able to learn and experience many things. My most inspiring volunteer experience was feeding the homeless through Thousand Hills Ministry. I enjoyed talking to them and listening to their stories. I’m not really involved in sports but I love going for walks on early mornings and playing games with friends. I joined MVP and hope to get started soon on volunteering. I also plan on joining Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Med Honor Society, Upper Room and Indian Students Association.

Awards and Honors

I won the gold key in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for submitting a personal memoir. In my attempts at theater, my group won the first place in the Senior Talent Show for an inspirational skit we performed. I had received the Indian River County Youth Character award. I was also recognized as an AP Scholar and was Magna Cum Laude in my graduating class. I received the Jesse Jones Scholarship and Top 10% scholarship along with the Tier One scholarship.

Study Abroad

My native language is Malayalam which I can speak fluently. I have also learned how to read, write and speak Hindi; read and write Arabic and Spanish. I studied in an Indian school in Dubai, UAE till 8th grade. This experience has helped me learn a lot about my culture as well as the Middle Eastern culture. I have always loved to learn about different cultures since it reveals the values of a nation. In Dubai, I had the opportunity to meet people from across the globe and learn a lot about cultures in other Asian countries as well as African countries. When I came to the US, I was thrilled at the chance to get to know many new cultures. I would like to study abroad now in Europe. I would love to explore their architecture and rich history, along with participating in medical research.


In high school, I had received the chance to participate in a research project on nanotechnology with the partnership of UH Engineering department. I was interested in the use of nanoparticles in the medical field, especially in the treatment of cancer to safely administer chemotherapeutic drugs to only the affected areas of the body. I would like to focus on undergraduate research in either the biological aspect of cancer treatment or the significance of healthcare provider-client relationship in oncological centers and other healthcare settings.

Future Endeavors

I would like to work at a hospital setting with direct contact to patients. I feel I would be more satisfied in this setting instead of a research setting. I am a good communicator and am sensitive to other’s feelings and needs. As of now I’m considering medical school, and further on, focus on oncology. Besides oncology, I am also interested in women’s health and general medicine.