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2011 Scholars

Jennie Do

Jennie Do

Les and Donna Haulbrook UH Tier One Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Prof 2
Graduation Year: 2016
College: UH College of Pharmacy
Major: Pre-Pharmacy (2011-2012), PharmD (2012-2016)
High School: Jersey Village High School
Hometown: Houston, TX

About Me

No amount of words can describe me. No amount of words can truly describe anyone. I’ll just try my best and hopefully if you would like to know more, you will introduce yourself to me. Family and friends are the most important things in my life. I love them immensely and would do anything I can for them. I do not really like change and “home” is my favorite place in the world. I am a very practical and logical person. Everything else about my life may be messy, but when it comes to the work I produce I expect near perfection from myself. I like being a leader, but I also understand that I can learn from everything and everyone, and I believe as a leader I must be willing to do everything I tell others to do. There is so much I need to learn, and so I try my very best in whatever I do so that I can take the most knowledge from each experience. A quote by Leo C. Rosten that I live by is “I cannot believe that the purpose of life is to be happy. I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be compassionate. It is, above all, to matter and to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all.” From my parents, I have grown to understand the “golden opportunities” that I have been blessed with, and my life’s purpose is to help others. Therefore other people who dedicate their lives to helping the less fortunate and the less fortunate who fight everyday to survive motivate and inspire me.

Campus and Community Involvement

I don’t have a lot of free time, but when I do I like to spend time with my family and friends. They are the best support group I could ask for, and I deeply appreciate and love them. Volunteering is a big part of my life; I feel that I have been extremely blessed, and that I must give back. I do whatever I can whenever I can. I have helped at churches, schools, festivals, Houston runs and clean-ups, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, The Houston Food Bank as well as some individual projects. Back in high school I was the president of H.O.P.E., a community service club, and the National Honor Society as well as secretary for the Science National Honor Society. I was also a part of the Spanish National Honor Society and Science Olympiad. Hopefully I will be just as involved at UH as I was in high school. I am currently a member of the UH Pre-Pharmacy Organization and the UH Vietnamese Student Association. I also just started working at CVS as a Pharmacy Service Associate and soon I will work there as a Pharmacy Technician so that I can get hands-on experience with the medicine and learn more about the job of a Pharmacist.

Last spring I was accepted into the UH College of Pharmacy, and during my first semester, I learned a lot and met some amazing people. I am currently the Vice President of Pharmacy Council, which acts as a link between all of the student organizations and the school administration. I am also a member of SNPhA, the Student National Pharmaceutical Association, as well as an active member of Kappa Psi, the largest and oldest professional pharmaceutical fraternity in the world. I still work at CVS, now as a Pharmacy Intern, though much less than before. I also began co-coordinating a class at a local clinic educating patients about diabetes and ways that they can control their blood sugar. Through my experiences this past semester, I have grown as a student, as a leader, and as a person. The students and alumni I have met inspire me to improve myself each and everyday, and I hope that my future endeavors will make them proud.

Awards and Honors

  • Falcon Award in Photography I, Geometry, Chemistry I, Chemistry II AP, Pre-Calculus, Biology II AP
  • Award of Excellence for the National Spanish Exam
  • National Award Winner of the United States Achievement Academy
  • College Board AP Scholar with Distinction Award 2009-2010, 2010-2011
  • National Merit Scholar – Commended

Future Endeavors

Now that I have entered the College of Pharmacy, my knowledge of what pharmacists can do as well as all the opportunities I have has greatly increased. There are so many different paths that I can take, that I am overwhelmed sometimes. Short term though, I want to learn more about residencies at hospitals as well as get more involved in legislation. I want to be as politically knowledgeable as possible, so that I can have a voice in my future and the future of my field. This year, my extracurricular involvement focused on community patient care. During the semesters to come, I would like to explore care within specific disease states, through research, in hospitals settings, and even around the world. Every year, several students go on a medical mission trip in another country, and though I missed my opportunity to go this year, I would like to go on next year’s trip. There are also many regional and national conventions throughout the year, where pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists come together to share their experiences and their ideas. I hope to attend as many of these as possible, so that I can learn about what others are doing in the practice and gain a more worldly perspective of my field.