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2011 Scholars

Rakibul Akter

Rakibul Akter

Duane and Betsy Choate UH TierOne Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Junior
Graduation Year: 2015
College: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Major: Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences
Minor: Medicine and Society
High School: George Bush High School
Hometown: Houston, TX

About Me

I am an overall friendly and fun guy to hang out with. I stay focused on school at the times I need to be focused, but I always make sure I find time to relax and just have fun. I enjoy playing basketball with my friends and family. I’m also a pretty family-oriented person and I always try to put family and religion first before anything. I’m motivated by all the support and encouragement I get from my family and friends, and I’m hoping this will ultimately lead me to becoming one of the best medical physicians/pediatricians out there. I’ve spent most of my life in Houston and am a big fan of everything Houston – from its sports teams to all the diversity in its cultures/food – so I’m very glad to be able to come to the University of Houston, it’s such an awesome school! GO COOGS!

Campus and Community Involvement

I LOVE playing sports, especially basketball and football. I always try to find time to play basketball, and I usually go to the campus recreation center to shoot a couple of shots in the morning before class. I’m always up for playing basketball because, for me, it helps me relax. Basketball can relieve my stress because whenever I’m playing, my mind is completely on the game and how I’m playing, instead of what is going on in my life and other things that I would be worrying about. I enjoy just staying fit overall, so I’m usually trying to keep myself healthy and athletic.

As for volunteering, I volunteer on a regular basis at Houston Shifa Clinic, and I have done this for about two years now. I have also volunteered at the Methodist Hospital in the Caring Teens Program during the summer. This program was a good experience because I was able to register patients in the orthopedic department of the hospital and assisted x-ray technicians. The campus organizations that I am a part of are Muslim Students Association (MSA) and American Medical Students Association (AMSA), and I plan on getting involved with more clubs throughout my college life to better enrich my experience on and off campus.

Awards and Honors

In high school, I was fortunate enough to graduate as the number 3 student out of about five hundred students, so my family and I are very proud of that. I won multiple awards at local and state level competitions through various organizations, and I had tons of fun experiences on my way to getting those awards. I was in DECA, which is a business oriented club, and I got an award at the regional competition and I made it to the state competition in Ft. Worth. It was a great experience. Other than the Tier One Scholarship, I received the Top Ten Percent Scholarship, but I am very grateful for the Tier One Scholarship because it is helping me to achieve my dreams and goals during my undergrad years.

Study Abroad

I haven’t really thought too much about the Study Abroad Program here at the University of Houston, but this program definitely interests me. The idea of going to a whole new country, with a whole new culture and experiences sounds amazing, and I look forward to trying to do something like this in during my undergraduate years.


I do not have any research projects as of right now, but I would love to get into some research projects concerning the health of our society today and how to improve it. This is a very important and vital aspect of our lives, and I think it would be an exciting and challenging topic to research more thoroughly.

Future Endeavors

I chose to be in the Pre-Med degree plan because of my academic interest and strength in science, specifically biological sciences, as well as my desire to one day become a pediatrician. Since junior year of high school, I have desired to go into the medical field and help sick children wherever and however I can. I came to the realization to pursue this dream ever since I started volunteering at the Houston Shifa Clinic. My ability to connect well and interact with kids, as well as with adults, and interest in scientific classes also helped reinforce this decision. I’m very dedicated to this area of study and I hope to begin my educational career to becoming a pediatrician as a biochemical and biophysical sciences major.