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2010 Scholars

Kaine Ruddock

Kaine Ruddock

Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation UH Tier One Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Senior
Graduation Year: 2014
College: College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Major: Liberal Studies
Minors: English, History, Phronesis
High School: Springwood School
Hometown: Lanett, AL

About Me

I graduated valedictorian from a small private school in Lanett. I started playing guitar just shy of two months ago, and have been practicing a little leather-work and taxidermy. I love the outdoors, and when I am home, I frequently hunt snakes, swim at the lake, and camp.

Campus and Community Involvement

Currently, I am not involved in anything, as I can hardly find time to keep up with everything else. However, in the past, I have worked with the Fuller Center for Housing in West Point, Georgia, helping to build two new houses in the place of an old drug-house. I was also President of the Graphics Club in high school, designing and printing shirts and other goods for other school clubs and teams.

Awards and Honors

I was President of the Honors Society, was inducted to the 2010 Alabama Independent School District All-Star Academic Team, and graduated valedictorian. I also received a small scholarship from my town's nearest local chapter of the Rotary Club, around fifteen hundred dollars from my high school, and a now canceled Robert C. Byrd scholarship. Since attending UH, I have received the Thomas R. and Richard S. Franklin Scholarship.

    Study Abroad

    I am currently learning Russian here at UH. I would like to conduct my study abroad experience in Russia, but I have not researched enough for a decision on a city yet. I am mostly interested in experiencing an entirely new culture and getting a feel for it.


    I am keenly interested in sociological and psychological studies, but I have not given much thought to it.

    Future Endeavors

    As of now, I am thinking of gearing myself towards either the defense or aerospace industry with a Master's Degree in something pertaining to those fields. I believe a PHD is more than I need for the career fields I am looking into, but a MA would give me a great advantage.