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2010 Scholars

Patrick Nguyen

Patrick N. Nguyen

Albert and Ethel Herzstein UH Tier One Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Senior
Graduation Year: 2014
College: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Majors: Chemistry, Mathematics
High School: Michael E. DeBakey High School
Hometown: Houston, TX

About Me

I would say my most characteristic qualities are probably my ambition, my determination, and my hunger for knowledge and experience. My ambition is to become one of the very finest physicians in the world. I am determined to be part of the medical field because I firmly believe that medicine itself is not exclusively an amazing blend of the three formal sciences, but the field is also an art. I find the interweave of biology and chemistry and physics fascinating, but I find equal beauty in being able to give others the spark of hope by helping and healing them with my own hands.

Awards and Honors

High school honors: Intel Science Talent Search 2010 Semifinalist, Siemens Competition 2009 Semifinalist

        Study Abroad

        I have not participated in any study abroad programs yet. However, I am very interested in taking part in research abroad programs. Through these programs, I would have the chance to experience different cultures while expanding my scientific knowledge. If I get the chance to do research abroad, I would definitely take it.


        My current research interests lie in the field of computational and theoretical chemistry. In high school, I was given the opportunity to research with Professor B. M. Pettitt under the REAP program. Under the tutelage of Prof. Pettitt and Prof. Lynch, I worked on modeling the hydration free energies of small biomolecules using integral equations.  I have continued working on that project since then. I have gained a wide variety of skills and knowledge while working on this project – I was exposed to some very basic concepts in physical chemistry yet I also learned to code in different languages (like C and F77). I look forward to expanding the kind of research I do so that I can gain more insight into different fields and see which one I like the most – one lesson I learned from research is to keep my imagination and mind open. I will definitely and actively look for more research opportunities throughout my time as a student.

        Future Endeavors

        I look forward to attending medical school and earning an MD degree. I want to be able to experience the uniqueness of a patient-physician bond by healing patients with my own hands, the meaning of preserving life. There is also a lot of research and development that can be done in medicine, and each discovery will accumulate with one another and ultimately improve our world by improving what is most essential to our lives – our health.