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2010 Scholars

Tammy Ngo

Tammy Ngo

HEB UH Tier One Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Senior
Graduation Year: 2014
College: Jack J. Valenti School of Communication (CLASS)
Major: Interpersonal Communication
Minor: Chinese Studies
High School: Deer Park High School South
Hometown: Pasadena, TX

About Me

I am a first generation college student, and I graduated 7th in my high school class of 925. Go Deer Park! I know those things don’t necessarily matter now that I’m at the Tier One university of UH, but it’s nice to get to brag once in awhile. However, the first bit about being first generation is definitely one of my biggest motivations to getting through college and waking up on those lazy mornings to walk to class.

Aside from learning, I also teach private lessons for violin and viola at my old junior high school. I love to be on stage whether it is modeling, singing, playing violin or viola, or just talking. I’m not much of a dancer, but I like to give it go from time to time. I aspire to do a lot of things, which explains all the interests. If I get to be an air stewardess, nurse, and interpreter, at least for a few years each before I retire, I’d be a happy old lady.

Campus and Community Involvement

Throughout my first year at the University of Houston, I’ve been involved quite a few organizations. The most memorable though would be the fun volunteering and performing with Vietnamese Students Association and Sigma Phi Omega.

Awards and Honors

As I got to brag about earlier, I graduated top 1 percent from Deer Park High School. During my senior year, I was also working part-time at NASA Johnson Space Center, where I received the Outstanding Student Intern award. Thanks to all the good effort back then, I managed to earn the Tier One Scholarship as well as the Terry Foundation Endowment and Ronald McDonald Scholarship. I hope this success trend keeps going all four years. So far so good, I’ve managed to receive an award for Chinese Studies last spring.

    Study Abroad

    I am currently enrolled in Chinese, but would like to pick up Spanish to become well rounded. I really do hope to get to study abroad although I’m not sure where I want to go exactly at the moment. There are just so many opportunities and so little time to take them all.


    I have not actually done research yet, but from what I have been hearing from the professors and Dr. Tran, I would definitely like to give it a shot before graduating. I hope to get to do some medical research with hands on tasks.

    Future Endeavors

    I want to graduate from U of H with honors and then head to nursing school for two years. After nursing school, I want to work at a nice hospital and eventually have enough money to go for a master’s in nursing and enjoy the school environment once again. If I get the chance of squeezing the other career dreams in there, that’s all the better.