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2010 Scholars

Sruthi Mathews

Sruthi Mathews

Kathryn "Kaye" Stripling UH Tier One Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Senior
Graduation Year: 2014
College: Cullen College of Engineering
Major: Biomedical Engineering
High School: Cedar Park High School
Hometown: Cedar Park, TX

About Me

I’m an engineering major at UH and a member of the Honors College.  After receiving the Tier One Scholarship, I left Austin to come to UH (Go Coogs!), which has turned out to be a great decision and afforded me a lot of opportunities.  I’m always ready to explore new things around campus and the city, especially if it involves music!

Campus and Community Involvement

I’m a member of the Honors College, NSCS and a couple of different engineering societies like the Society of Women Engineers, BMES and of course the honors engineering program.

Awards and Honors

In high school, I received several different honors, such as being commended by National Merit and an AP Scholar with Honors. I was also really involved in band and other musical activities and received various awards and leadership positions. After graduating high school, I was awarded a few scholarships outside of the Tier One Scholarship.


I’ve been researching with Dr. Tony Frankino studying evolutionary biology with fruit flies. My main focus is to aid with a small wind tunnel built to further test the fitness of fruit flies. I’ve really enjoyed this particular opportunity since it allowed me to research outside of my major and learn about other fields. I plan to continue researching throughout my time at UH. I would also like to explore other research areas, including in my own major.

Future Endeavors

After graduating from UH, I intend to continue to pursue my studies, most likely in graduate school. Biomedical engineering is an incredibly vast and expansive field and I would really like to spend more time being immersed in it.  I look forward for a chance to contribute back to my field.