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2010 Scholars

David Phan

Waqaar Diwan

The Manny Family UH Tier One Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Senior
Graduation Year: 2013
College: Bauer College of Business
Major: Business
High School: IH Kempner High School
Hometown: Houston, TX

Spotlight : Discovering the Value of Research

About Me

I believe that my morals and religion are the most important and guiding aspects of my life. They help me make the right decisions, and avoid taking steps that would hurt me, whether it is an immediate consequence, or a future one. My interests range from a variety of topics, whether it is sports (especially football), politics, religion, school, and electronics. I am proud of being an accomplished public speaker and debater, and I believe it has allowed me to develop myself as an adult in different areas such as communication skills, writing skills, and the ability to adjust in a variety of settings and environments.

My biggest motivation and inspiration is seeing people throughout the world that live without the amenities and luxuries I have grown up with and gotten used to. Being able to sit in air-conditioned rooms all day, find something to eat whenever, and expressing my beliefs and ideas freely are things many people live without. Seeing people that only wish for adequate water to drink and one full and satisfying meal strikes a chord in my heart and inspires me to elevate myself to a position where I can help those that are less fortunate from. Finally, realizing that many students with great potential to succeed in the school setting don’t get the kind of opportunities that the Tier One scholarship has provided me with inspires me to one day start a scholarship of my own to sponsor another person’s education and give others the same opportunities the University of Houston and the Tier One scholarship have given me.

Campus and Community Involvement

I enjoy volunteering at hospitals, community events, as well as relief events that help those after disasters and in need. I volunteered at the Memorial Herman Hospital, Sugar Land Food Drive, and City Wide Food Drive. One of my favorite extra-curricular activities is playing football, whether it’s just at the park with some friends, or it’s at the competitive level in intramural leagues at school. I also love playing all kinds of other sports such as basketball, cricket, and lifting weights. I hope to become a volunteer firefighter by the time the summer comes along so I can get a broad experience of different areas of community service. I believe volunteering within multiple different areas, I can get a better understanding of how the community works and is interdependent. I was a school representative in the Youth in Philanthropy program, and organized multiple projects to work on such as painting the new Red Cross building. I have had leadership programs throughout the community such as school organizations and youth programs. Sports are definitely the biggest part of my extra-curricular life, and define who I am as a person and keep me conscious of the importance of good health.

Awards and Honors

I have been named to the Dean's List every semester at UH. In Spring 2013, I was honored by the Dean of Bauer Business Schoool for earning a 4.0.  In high school, I received awards such as Student of the Year, Top Speaker, Academic Excellence, I was accepted into an exclusive leadership program called the FBISD Student Leadership Program, I was a Fort Bend independent school district youth in philanthropy representative, mist debate regional first place, consecutive years of nationals debate first place, FBISD distinguished leader award, and Humanities outstanding student. I was also a member of the National Honors Society.


I have recently done a research experiment at the University of Houston College of Optometry. The goal was to investigate the spatial and color mechanisms of cone vision at 1.5˚ from the fovea, where cones and cone spacing are larger relative to tiny, point-source stimuli. This was accomplished, while avoiding the intrusion of rod activity, by bleaching both rods and cones. The faster recovery time of cones was used to carry out our investigations once cones had recovered and rods were still in the process of recovering. The purpose was to see whether bleaching the rods and cones impacts reported color appearances and sensitivity in a situation where rods do not participate.  

Future Endeavors

I hope to graduate with a degree in business, and apply to medical school. I hope to get an MD, and possibly an MBA. My goal is to become a doctor as well as an entrepreneur in business. I hope this combination will allow me to be successful as a doctor and manage my finances in a better and educated way. I hope this combination will one day allow me to generate enough income to make a significant impact in philanthropy, in both my immediate community, as well as throughout the world. I believe it is important to understand all aspects of business because they play a major role in our daily lives. I also find the medical field to be the most interesting and the best fit for my personality as a career choice.