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2010 Scholars

Katylyn Stewart

Katylyn Degner

The John D. and Susan K. Thompson Family UH Tier One Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Senior
Graduation Year: 2013
College: College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Sociology
High School: Klein Oak High School
Hometown: Houston, TX

About Me

I am a relaxed person who likes to spend time with family and friends. I work hard at school and work and like to stay busy. In my free time I enjoy surfing the internet, cooking, and nail art. One of my biggest accomplishments will be graduating in 3 years and I am looking forward to starting my career. I am motivated by my desire to be successful and start a stable career. I am married and very family oriented and I have worked during school to help maintain the home where my husband and I live. 

Campus and Community Involvement

I am a member of the Honors College at the University of Houston. When I was a shift supervisor Starbucks I was involved in numerous community events such as litter pick-up and food donation and volunteering at the Houston Food Bank. 

Awards and Honors

In High School I was very active in band and we received many awards for performances both as band and on an individual basis. In High School I was in the International Baccalaureate program and I received a special IB diploma. In addition to my Tier One Scholarship I received a scholarship for being in the Top 10% of my High School class and I received an academic achievement scholarship from the Honors College at UH. While at UH I have consistently made the Dean’s List for my grades. 

    Study Abroad

    I have taken 7 years of Spanish and while I haven’t had time to study abroad while at UH I hope to be able to travel occasionally with whatever job I have.


    I have not completed research outside of classes, but because of the nature of my degree, I have written multiple long research papers each semester for classes. The research projects that I have done have included field work, participant observation, surveys, interviews and online research components and several have been rather in depth and some have been in groups. I most enjoy doing research in linguistics and about the social aspects of health care. I like doing research because it is a way to explore an area of interest and teach yourself while solving a problem. I would like a career that requires me to do research occasionally to solve problems or improve efficiency. 

    Future Endeavors

    I am looking for a career in marketing, human resources or in a community outreach program. I want a job where I can work with people and help improve efficiency. A job involving linguistics in some way would be a plus. I am keeping my options open and am trying not to rule anything out. I would be open to going to graduate school but I would like to start my career first so that I know what kind of graduate degree would most complement my career.