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2010 Scholars

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Kristin Ammon

The John D. and Susan K. Thompson Family UH Tier One Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Senior
Graduation Year:
Bauer College of Business and Moores School of Music
Accounting and Vocal Performance
High School: Kingwood High School
Hometown: Madison Heights, MI

About Me

I am a very self-motivated person. I love to stay busy and if I’m not working, at school, or studying, I am pursuing one of my many hobbies. I love all things music and have studied voice privately since seventh grade, although I started singing in choir much earlier. I am also a lover of math and so far am enjoying studying accounting. I also like to busy myself with anything creative or crafty, such as sewing, painting, decorating, scrapbooking, knitting, cake decorating, etc. One of my favorite things to do when I have a little free time in my schedule is cooking. I enjoy sharing my love for cooking with others as well.

I am a very determined and upbeat person. My parents inspire me to do the absolute best and make the most out of every opportunity I am given. I feel truly blessed to have wonderful parents and be able to attend a college as amazing and diverse as the University of Houston.

Campus and Community Involvement

I am currently in the Moore’s School of Music Concert Chorale. I am also a soon-to-be volunteer for the Road to Recovery program sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

Awards and Honors

I received the Duke University TIP medal for my SAT scores in 7th grade. I received a superior rating of I in UIL solo every year from 7th grade-12th grade. I was awarded a student council leadership award in 9th grade and in 11th grade for outstanding service.

Study Abroad

I have taken a year of German, but I am not currently enrolled in a foreign language at the moment. I would like to study abroad in Germany for many reasons. A pretty good majority of my lineage is German and the language and culture have fascinated me since I was young. I have done multiple research projects throughout school on Germany, and before formally enrolling in a German class, I read books about the language. It is also a very commonly sung language and the country has a rich historical and current music culture. I would love to tour Germany to see the many opera houses and attend at least one performance.


I would like to research the effects of proper pre and post natal exercise and nutrition. I have always been interested in health and nutrition, and I’m considering going into the business side of health clubs or athletic centers. In particular, I would like to study pre and post natal because I have researched much less about that aspect of the field than any other, and I feel like it would be interesting to do in-depth project about it.

Future Endeavors

As of now, I am planning on majoring in Vocal Performance and accounting and would like to go through the PPA program. If I go through the PPA program, I will not only graduate with a Bachelors degree in Accounting, I will also graduate with a Masters degree. Ideally, I will graduate in May 2015, which will be a total of five years in school, but I will graduate with three degrees, a Bachelors of Music in Applied Voice, Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting, and a Masters of Science in Accountancy. The PPA program will also help prepare me to take the CPA exams, if I choose to do so. After I graduate, I am not sure what I want to go into, but eventually I would like to start my own business, preferably a health-related business.