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2010 Scholars

Megan Aldridge

Megan Aldridge

Albert and Ethel Herzstein UH Tier One Scholarship Endowment

Classification: Senior
Graduation Year:
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Mathematical Biology
Minor: Medicine and Society
High School: Westview High School
Hometown: Portland, OR

About Me

I am an out-of-state student at a primarily in-state institution. I’m a native Oregonian who has never been to Texas prior to admittance to the University of Houston. I am the kind of person that develops a plan or a goal and puts my whole heart into things. I don’t really know how to give anything but my all in everything that I do. In my free time, I like to watch documentaries about forensics, biology, and astronomy. My motivation and inspiration every day is my grandma who died just two years ago from breast cancer. She is the motivation behind everything that I hope to accomplish at the University of Houston.

Campus and Community Involvement

When I got to the University of Houston, I realized how unique my college experience was going to be. After my first year, I decided that I wanted to apply to be a Resident Advisor for the new freshman dorm Cougar Village. After being accepted the position, I have realized how much of a demanding and unique work experience I have embarked on. My favorite thing about my job is to know that I can be there to encourage my residents and remind them that they are not alone in their challenges and successes in college.

Awards and Honors

While at the University of Houston, I have received the Houston Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation scholarship. With this scholarship, I’ve become an assistant facilitator for a Calculus II study hall. I enjoy this job as it allows me to strengthen my math and teaching skills and help students get the grades they want to receive.

Study Abroad

I have not taken a language course yet as a student here, however, I took French for seven years in high school and middle school. I hope to take a study abroad trip with one of the study abroad organizations at UH or through the Honors College. I think it’s very important to be a global citizen and I want to be more informed of the other cultures and people around the world. I want to study abroad so my knowledge extends beyond my country, my backyard.


I am interested in medical and scientific research. My primary interests in biology and chemistry so far are neurology and genetics. I think that it is fascinating that everything about us is written in our DNA and I would love to be involved in research that uncovers what it means to be human, what it means to age, and what it means to be “sick” or “well”.

Future Endeavors

I know that I want to attend a graduate or professional program after college, although at the moment I am not sure where I want to concentrate. I have interests in being both a pharmacist and a doctor because I love working with people. However, I am more interested in the research side of medicine. I want to know that I am working with people creating medical break-throughs and helping patients behind the scenes.