FAQs for Incoming Scholars

Do Tier One Scholars need to register for on-campus housing or is this done automatically for me?
While the Tier One Scholarship offers a housing allowance, scholars, like all students, are responsible for working directly with the UH Residential Life & Housing office to register for on- campus housing in Cougar Village.

Will the Tier One Scholarship cover the cost of single occupancy room? [Updated 10.27.2014]
Tier One Scholars will be provided with a housing allowance covering the cost of a double occupancy room and meal plan for Cougar Villages I and II, the Quadrangle, or Moody Towers. The cost up to a 4-Bed/1-Bath in Cougar Place is also covered. If a student chooses to live in a single occupancy room, then they will be responsible for the additional cost. Or, if a student chooses to live in Calhoun Lofts or Bayou Oaks, then the Tier One Housing Scholarship will cover up to the cost of a 4-Bed/1-Bath in Cougar Place, and the student will then be responsible for paying the difference.

What meal plan will the Tier One Scholarship cover? [Updated 10.27.2014]
For scholars who are living on campus as part of the Tier One Scholarship benefit, the Tier One Scholarship program will cover up to the value of the Lifestyle 15 meal plan. If a student chooses a more expensive meal plan, then they will be responsible for paying the difference between the cost of that meal plan and the Lifestyle 15. 

What happens to the housing and meal-plan benefits if I choose not to live on-campus during my 4 years at UH? [Updated 10.27.2014]
For students not electing to live on-campus, the housing and meal plan benefits become void. However, if you do not live on campus your first two years but would like to use the housing and meal plan benefits for the final two years, you may fill out a petition, which can be found at www.uh.edu/sfaforms as the “Academic Scholarship Appeal/Petition.”

I do not plan to live on-campus but would like to accept the meal plan benefit. Is this possible? [Updated 10.27.14]
If a student is not living in one of the approved on campus facilities, the Tier One Scholarship will not cover the meal plan. Meal plans are only covered as part of the housing benefit since the meal plan is required for students living on campus, with the exception of Calhoun Lofts and Bayou Oaks. However, if you choose to live in one of these facilities, you can opt for no meal plan, although keep in mind that Tier One Scholarship includes meal plan benefits. 

Is my new student orientation fee covered by the scholarship?
No, the Tier One Scholarship does not cover a student’s orientation fee.

Is my parking permit covered by the scholarship?
No, the Tier One Scholarship does not cover parking permits. Permits are limited and scholars are urged to register for parking as soon as possible. You may visit Parking & Transportation to learn more about the registration process.

If I did not live on campus during year 1 and/or year 2, can I receive the housing and meal plan benefit during year 3 and/or year 4? [Posted 10.27.2014]
Tier One Scholars are eligible for on campus housing and meals during their first two years of college at UH. . If a student has not used their one or both years of housing benefit, he/she may petition to receive the Tier One Scholarship housing and meal plan benefit in other years. A student must be receiving a Tier One Scholarship in the semester that they are receiving the housing and meal award. Petitions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Petitions can be downloaded at the SFA website and must be submitted via email as instructed on the form: http://www.uh.edu/financial/undergraduate/forms/scholarship-appeal-petition-form-5-14.pdf#appeal

I do not see my Tier One Scholarship information posted in myUH account. Why is this?
During the beginning of the Fall & Spring semester, students may experience brief delays in seeing their scholarships applied to their myUH accounts. As a Tier One Scholar, you should know that your account is protected and you will not be affected by the University of Houston’s payment deadline for any tuition and fee costs covered by the scholarship. This means you will not be dropped from your registered classes. Final amounts are posted after the University of Houston’s Official Reporting Day (ORD), which is usually the 12th class day.

I have been notified that I received both the Academic Excellence Scholarship and the Tier One Scholarship. Will I receive both?
If a student is selected as a Tier One Scholar, the Tier One Scholarship package will replace the Academic Excellence Scholarship offered by the University of Houston.

I have other scholarships that I am expecting to receive in addition to the Tier One Scholarship. What will happen to those awards given the Tier One Scholarship covers full tuition and mandatory fees?
If there is a positive balance on your account because you received more scholarship funds than you had "expenses" for the semester, you will be issued a refund to your HigherONE card or the bank account of your choosing, as you setup in your myUH account. Please note that certain programs work in collaboration with the Tier One program therefore a student’s tuition and fees are covered however some awards may be reduced; i.e., Terry Scholars, National Merit Scholars, and Baylor/Houston Pre-Medical Academy Scholars. If you have questions about receiving a refund, please contact Student Financial Services.

What are the requirements to maintain my scholarship? [posted 10.27.2014]
Students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours each Fall/Spring semester with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and complete a total of 30 credit hours for the academic year. If a student chooses this route, they will be required to enroll in 6 credit hours during the summer at UH. Another way a student may fulfill the scholarship requirements is to complete a total of 15 credit hours each Fall/Spring semester with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. Winter minimesters also count toward the 30 hour requirement.

[Last Updated: January 2015]