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Tier One Scholarship

As a Tier One Scholar, you will receive funding for four years1 of tuition and mandatory fees and two years of room and board. Plus, you will be eligible to receive a study abroad stipend and a mentored research stipend should you choose those options. Your complete scholarship package is worth a total value of approximately $60,0002 in addition to the invaluable benefits of mentorship, advising, and camaraderie that come with being a part of the Tier One Scholars community!

Benefit Value
Tuition & Fees (4 years, in-state)3 $39,600
Room & Board (estimate; guaranteed first 2 years)4 $18,000
Research Stipend (optional; one-time award) $1,000
Study Abroad Scholarship (optional; one-time award) $2,000

1The Tier One Scholarship will cover tuition and mandatory fees for up to 4 years (8 semesters) of undergraduate studies. For Architecture students, the Tier One Scholarship will cover up to 5 years of tuition and mandatory fees.

2This amount is based on 2012 tuition and fee rates for four years, actual amounts may vary. Scholarship renewal requires that specific grade point average and enrollment criteria are maintained.

3For out-of-state students, the out-of-state tuition waiver represents more than $20,000 in savings over four years.

4Room must be double occupancy. This amount does not include room deposit or application fee. The student is responsible for submitting the Housing application to secure a room.