Research Projects

Funded Research Projects in the College of Technology


Faculty, staff and students actively engage in funded research projects that are applied, hands-on, and translational in many aspects. In this way, our research and teaching are well integrated offering students the advantage of learning from faculty members who are working on the cutting edge of their fields.

The list of projects shown below reflects grants from funding agencies – state, federal and private, and is updated from time to time. To find out more about a particular project, please consult with the Principal COT Faculty Contact found in the faculty section of our web site.

Active Funded Projects During 2009

Principal COT Faculty Contact Project Title Agency Funds
Attarzedeh, F. An Innovative Approach to Learning via Peer-to-Peer Undergraduate Mentoring in Engineering Technology Laboratory NSF-CCLI $199,985
Attia, F. Phase Three of the Study of Flexible Linking of Manufacturing Planning WOODCO USA $30,000
Barbieri, E. Center for Technology Literacy: An Upward Mobility Strategy for Economic Growth Department of Commerce $587,100
Barbieri, E. Coordination Of Robotics Education NASA Johnson Space Center $28,000
Barbieri, E. Transformational Paradigm for the Engineering Profession (TPEP) Department of Education $149,000
Cheng, L. Texas Medical Center Area Transportation Planning – a TRANSIMS Study US Department of Transportation $60,000
Ding, X. Equipment, Software, and Personnel Support Services for a Collaborative Video Project University of Houston Educational Technology $11,500
Ding, X. Delivering OM Class through Multimedia on the Internet University of Houston Educational Technology $4,000
Ding, X. Integrating Video Tech in Teaching Tech Leadership UH FDIP $37,500
Ding, X. Telecommuting Barrier Studies UH New Faculty Research Grant $6,000
Faulkenberry, L. Analysis of Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid Conversion. CenterPoint Energy $24,000
Gurkan, D. Data Plane Measurements for GENI Research Platform GENI $26,241
Gurkan, D. Testbed Demonstration of Intelligent Sensor Nodes Compatible with IEEE 1451.1 Mobitrum, Inc $17,256
Gurkan, D. Measurements over Texas-based Research Network: LEARN National Science Foundation $210,000
Gurkan, D. Continuation: Testbed Demonstration of Intelligent Sensor Nodes Compatible with IEEE 1451.1 Mobitrum Corp $39,414
Kovach, J. Support of Innovative Teaching Initiatives: A Sound System for Classroom Events Houston Assembly of Delphian Chapters Scholarship Foundation $1,000
Kovach, J. Real-time Optimization Workflows in Oil Production Operations SPE Gulf-Southwest $37,500
Lee, S-H. A Study on the Contracts, Cost Estimation, and Surety Bond System of the US Construction Project Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements $43,103
Lee, S-H. Front End Planning for Sustainability Fluor Enterprises $3,000
Malki, H. Collaborative Research: Phase II development of an innovative multi-functional smart vibration platform NSF $315,999
Malki, H. REU SITE: Sensor Networks and Security Infrastructure NSF $330,000
Malki, H. Meeting Industries’ Critical Workforce Needs/Aerospace (AWIN) Texas Workforce Comission $257,101
O'Neil, S. Factors Leading to Membership in Professional Organizations and Levels of Professional Commitment: Analysis of the Relationships Delta Pi Epsilon Research Foundation $7,459
Robles-Hernandez, F. SEM Analysis of the Shelling Observed on Railroad Wheel Flanges Phases I-III Transportation Technology Center, Inc. $7,200
Robles-Hernandez, F. SEM Analysis of the Shelling in Thermite Welds and Shelling in Rail Transportation Technology Center, Inc. $2,600
Robles-Hernandez, F. SEM analysis of samples from railroad bearings Transportation Technology Center, Inc. $1,400
Robles-Hernandez, F. Government of Texas, College of Technology (University of Houston), and Engineering Technology University of Houston $185,000
Robles-Hernandez, F. Development of a Thermal Analysis Workstation for On-Line Screening for Mid and High Carbon Steels University of Houston $6,000
Robles-Hernandez, F. Completion of the 2008 Tasks for the Strategy Research Initiatives (SRI) 8 C and 11 A Transportation Technology Center, Inc. $15,000
Iyer, R. Curriculum Development Office of Instructional support and Outreach UH $15,000
Iyer, R. From Nature to Lab to Production- Infusing Cutting Edge Research into Undergraduate Biotechnology Curriculum NSF CCLI $121,880
Iyer, R. Building a Competitive Workforce in Life Sciences and Biotechnology Governor's Wagner Peyser grant $392,604
Shireen, W. A reliable low cost Power Electronics interface for renewable energy systems using a single DSP controller California Energy Commission $84,000
Song, L. A real-time construction site simulator using computer vision and location tracking. Fluor Enterprises $1,500
Song, L. A global and cross-industry perspective on EVM practice and future trends PMI -
Tiwari, V. Impact of Perishable Products’ Inventory Policies on Retailer’s Profits Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship -
Tiwari, V. Improving Patient Flow and Operating Room Efficiencies Houston Veterans Administration Hospital $114,118
Tiwari, V. Improving Operating Room Efficiency The Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center $219,000
Waight, C. Evaluation of Learning Outcomes Waste Management $10,000
Waight, C. Design and Develop Online Organization Development Certificate University of Houston $25,000
Yuan, X. Infusing Advanced Sensor Network Research into Cross-disciplinary Undergraduate Education NSF $199,884
Zarzycka, M. Improving the Learning Experience by Creating Interactive Lessons for the Web Design Course University of Houston Educational Technology $4,000
Zouridakis, G. MRI: Acquisition of a Hybrid System and Research Infrastructure for Large-Scale Integration of Biomedical Data NSF $900,000
Zouridakis, G. Visualizing Neural Connectivity UT Medical School $50,000
Zouridakis, G. Modeling of SAR and Radiation Efficiency for Wireless Antenna University of Missouri $128,000
Zouridakis, G. Development of a Portable MRI- and MEG-Compatible EEG-NIRS Recording Apparatus GEAR $25,000
Zouridakis, G. A Wireless Network for Nonobtrusive Continuous Assessment of Astronaut Fatigue Institute for Space System Operations $110,000
Zouridakis, G. Sun Center of Excellence in High Performance Application Development Sun Microsystems -

2009 Research Expenditures

2009 Research Funding