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Research Projects

Funded Research Projects in the College of Technology

Integrating research with teaching offers our students the unique advantage of learning from faculty, staff, and their peers who are working on the most advanced technologies that are shaping the future.

The following list is a snapshot of College of Technology grants from federal and private from funding agencies. Find out more about a particular project by consulting with the Principal College of Technology Faculty

Active Funded Projects

IBM Center IBM Corporation Bronk, Chris Dr. 08/17/15-08/16/16 $5,000
Pro Maxima Manufacturing CRM and ERP Selection and Implementation Applied Research Project Pro Maxima Manufacturing Kovach, Jamison Dr. 04/20/16-08/31/16 $15,089
US/Morocco Workshop on Sensors and Wireless Networks for Smart Cities National Science Foundation Benhaddou, Driss Dr. 09/01/15-08/31/16 $49,992
The Replacement of Chromium Electroplate for High Wear/High Temperature Applications U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory Taylor, Shelton Dr. 09/01/15-08/31/16 $83,867
Integration of Standards, Models of Standardization and Science Policy for the 21st Century Biotechnology Workforce National Institute of Standards and Technology Iyer, Rupa Dr. 09/01/15-08/31/16 $74,887
Industrial Control Systems and Software Defined Networking Cyber Range (SON portion-only) National Security Agency Conklin, William Dr. 09/01/15-08/31/16 $130,806
CC*DNI Networking Infrastructure: Enabling Frictionless Scientific Data Transfers in the Texas Medical Center National Science Foundation Gurkan, Deniz Dr. 10/01/15-09/30/16 $5,386
Wagner-Peyser BayTech subaward U.S. Department of Labor Conklin, William Dr. 12/01/15-11/30/16 $90,500
Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services Lean Six Sigma Implementation Applied Research Project Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services Kovach, Jamison Dr. 03/13/16-12/31/16 $8,127
SaTC-EDU:EAGER:A Wiki Space for Information Security Education Exchange National Science Foundation Conklin, William Dr. 01/01/15-12/31/16 $286,819
Transportation and Economic Impact of Texas Shortline Railroads Texas Department of Transportation Gao, Lu Dr. 09/01/15-08/31/17 $148,832
CC*DNI Network Infrastructure: Custom Science DMZ per Research Lab with a Secure Invitation to Opt-in NSF/Computer & Information Science & Engineering Gurkan, Deniz Dr. 10/01/15-09/30/17 $499,681
Horizon Scanning for Natural Resource Foresight and Decision Making Forest Service Hines, Andrew Dr. 07/01/15-06/30/18 $27,040
Cyber-Spectrum Research and Technology Development Virtual Environment (CSpec-DVE) U.S. Department of Defense Bronk, Chris Dr. 08/01/15-07/31/18 $144,022
Design and Development of Multi-Level Inverter Using WBG DEVICES for Calnetix Multi-Megawatt MV Motors U.S. Department of Energy Abolhassani, Mehdi Dr. 01/01/16-12/31/18 $8,181
Center for Advancing UH Faculty Success National Science Foundation * Hutchins, Holly Dr. 09/01/14-08/31/19 $3,299,065
Fluor Foundation Support of the Construction Management Industrial Program Fluor Foundation Eldin, Neil Dr. 02/15/16-01/31/20 $1,000,000
Succeed in Engineering Technology Scholars (SETS): Identifying and Developing Future Technology Leaders National Science Foundation Yuan, Xiaojing Dr. 06/01/15-05/31/20 $639,895
Cyber Resilient Energy Delivery Consortium (CREDC) National Energy Technology Laboratory Conklin, William Dr. 09/01/15-08/31/20 $918,400
3-D Modeling-based Decision Support for Optimizing Quality of Life following Breast Reconstruction NIH/Division of Research Grants Merchant, Fatima Dr. 04/01/16-03/31/21 $445,255

* Co-Principal Investigator