Program Objectives

Bachelor of Science in Digital Media

Graphic Communications Technology is an area of emphasis in the Technology Leadership and Supervision Program offered by the University of Houston College of Technology.

Primary Objective

The primary objective of the Digital Media curriculum is to prepare students to manage digital media projects for clients. Effective contemporary communication requires a mix of technologies--still- and motion-photography, web sites, mobile apps, and social media in addition to printed materials--in order to get the right message to the right person at the right time using the right media. Managing this mix of media takes a variety of skills, including an understanding of the text and images that are used in messages, a working knowledge of the technologies used to disseminate those messages, and the leadership skills required to "get things done." The courses required by the Digital Media program span all three of these skill sets.

The Digital Media program prepares creative project managers...those who can creatively weave together people and technologies to create coherent and dynamic integrated media campaigns that do their intended tasks. In doing so, our graduates will achieve effective return-on-investment for clients, profits for their companies, and fun for themselves.

Digital Media is part of the Communications Technologies cluster of industries. Thus, the program prepares individuals to pursue careers in the film/video, recording, and graphic communications industries. Graduates are particularly suited to roles such as customer service, sales, estimating and costing, planning, and scheduling.

Digital Media is also part of the Computer and Information Sciences cluster of industries. Thus, the program also focuses on computer and information sciences and prepares individuals for various occupations in information technology and computer operations fields. In particular, the program prepares students for careers in web design and computer graphics.

Secondary Objective

The secondary objective of the Digital Media degree program is to prepare students for technological careers in the graphic communications industries. The program prepares students for a variety of careers, including digital imaging technician, electronic prepress technician, interactive media specialist, webmaster, graphic designer, and analog or digital printing press operator.