CIS Technical Electives

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems


Have technical elective course credit authorized on your degree plan before taking the course.

At least two of the four required technical electives must be upper division (3000 or 4000 level) courses. For official course descriptions and prerequisites visit the University of Houston Course Catalog.

Effective January 2015, the CIS program will not accept any TELS or HDCS courses as CIS Technical Electives.

Pre-Approved Electives

The following list of courses have been Pre-Approved as valid CIS Technical Electives. Any of the listed courses do not require special permission to count towards the Technical Electives requirement on the CIS Degree Plan. Information on this page is subject to updates and modifications.

Area of Study

  • CIS 3337 - Secure Application Design (Offered during Spring Semesters)
  • CIS 3351 - Intrusion Detection and Incident Response (Offered during Fall Semesters)
  • CIS 4357 - Digital Forensics (Offered during Fall Semesters)
  • CIS 4367 - Advanced Digital Forensics (Offered during Spring Semesters)
Digital Media/Web
  • DIGM 2350 - Graphics for Digital Media
  • DIGM 2351 - Web Design
  • DIGM 3353 - Visual Communications Technology
Decision Informatics
  • CIS 4320 - Decision Informatics
Networking & Programming

CIS Majors must get preapproval from Dr. Mequanint Moges in the Department of Engineering Technology to waive prerequisites.

  • ELET 4325 - Advanced Microcomputer Networks
  • ELET 4421 - Computer Networks
Business Processes & Consulting
  • SCLT 3384 - Logistics Technology and Processes
  • MIS 4379 - Business Systems Consulting
Training & Development
  • HRD 4351 - Instructional Strategies and Design for Human Resources
  • HRD 4344 - Designing E-Learning Applications *
* Recommended to take HRD 4351 prior to taking HRD 4344
CIS Special Topics
  • CIS 4397 - Selected Topics in Computer Information Systems. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.
Previous Preapproved Technical Electives

Valid if taken prior to January 2015

  • TELS 3355 - Project Leadership
  • TELS 4372 - Proposal and Project Writing
Other CIS Electives
  • To receive credit in the following technical courses, please contact the CIS Program Coordinator for approval: CIS 3399, CIS 4198, CIS 4298, CIS 4390, CIS 4396, CIS 4398, CIS 4399.
  • Other technical courses relevant to information systems may be authorized by the CIS Program Coordinator.

CIS Internship