Career Advancement

Finding Your Future in Biotechnology

Where you are just beginning your college career or have an associates degree, moving into the field of biotechnology offers you outstanding possibilities for the future. And the UH Biotechnology program can give you the foundation that you need to explore the many facets and opportunities of a career in biotechnology.

Here is a sample of our biotech courses. For the official course descriptions and prerequisites of courses for a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, see the University of Houston Course Catalog.

  • BTEC 2330 - Biotechnology Regulatory Environment
  • BTEC 2331 - Good Manufacturing Practices
  • BTEC 3100 - Instrumentation & Measurement BTEC Lab
  • BTEC 3220 - Intro QA/QC Drugs & Biologics
  • BTEC 3301 - Principles of Bioinformatics/Genetics/Proteonics
  • BTEC 4101 - Principles of Bioprocessing Lab
  • BTEC 4300 - Principles of Bioinformatics
  • BTEC 4301 - Principles of Bioprocessing
  • BTEC 4350 - Capston Experience

Please download our Biotech Program Brochure for further information.