MECT: Mechanical Technology

College of Technology Course Syllabi

Below are sample syllabi reflecting the general nature of MECT courses. All syllabi are subject to change.

Course Title PDF
MECT 1330 Engineering Graphics PDF
MECT 1364 Materials and Processes I PDF
MECT 2354 Introduction to Mechanics PDF
MECT 3118 Fluid Mechanics Application Laboratory PDF
MECT 3155 Strength of Materials Laboratory PDF
MECT 3318 Fluid Mechanics Applications PDF
MECT 3331 Applied Thermodynamics PDF
MECT 3341 Computer-Aided Drafting I PDF
MECT 3342 Elements of Plant Design PDF
MECT 3355 Strength of Materials PDF
MECT 3358 Dynamics of Mechanisms PDF
MECT 3360 Automated Manufacturing Systems PDF
MECT 3362 Industrial Work Measurement PDF
MECT 3365 Computer-Aided Drafting II PDF
MECT 3367 Quality Control Technology PDF
MECT 4172 Materials Technology Laboratory PDF
MECT 4275 Senior Design Project PDF
MECT 4276 Senior Design Project II PDF
MECT 4323 Applications in Stress Analysis PDF
MECT 4326 Fundamentals of Offshore Systems PDF
MECT 4328 Fundamentals of Pipeline Design PDF
MECT 4330 Valve Design PDF
MECT 4332 Fundamentals of Drilling Technology PDF
MECT 4337 Downhole Drilling Tools and Technology PDF
MECT 4341 Materials Selection and Management PDF
MECT 4350 Principles of Mechatronics PDF
MECT 4360 Fundamentals of Biomechanics PDF
MECT 4365 Computer-Aided Design II PDF
MECT 4372 Materials Technology PDF
MECT 4384 Manufacturing Systems Control PDF