ELET: Electrical-Electronics Technology

College of Technology Course Syllabi

Below are sample syllabi reflecting the general nature of ELET courses. All syllabi are subject to change.

Course Title PDF
ELET 1100 Electrical Circuits I Laboratory PDF
ELET 1101 Electrical Circuits II Laboratory PDF
ELET 1300 Electrical Circuits I PDF
ELET 1301 Electrical Circuits II PDF
ELET 2103 Digital Systems Laboratory PDF
ELET 2105 Semiconductor Devices and Circuits Laboratory PDF
ELET 2300 Introduction to C++ Programming PDF
ELET 2303 Digital Systems PDF
ELET 2305 Semiconductor Devices and Circuits PDF
ELET 3301 Linear Systems Analysis PDF
ELET 3402 Communications Circuits PDF
ELET 3403 Sensor Applications PDF
ELET 3405 Microprocessor Architecture PDF
ELET 3425 Embedded Systems PDF
ELET 4208 Senior Project Laboratory PDF
ELET 4300 Unix Operating System PDF
ELET 4302 Data Communication Systems PDF
ELET 4304 Control Systems PDF
ELET 4308 Senior Project PDF
ELET 4309 Object-Oriented Applications Programming PDF
ELET 4315 Telecommunications PDF
ELET 4325 Advanced Microcomputer Networks PDF
ELET 4421 Computer Networks PDF