Example Lean Six Sigma Projects

Examples of Successful Lean Six Sigma Projects at Local Organizations Completed by Participants from our Training Program:

  • Reducing the cycle time to manufacture solar cells in a research laboratory
  • Reducing defects in the manufacturing process for natural gas dehydrators
  • Reducing the number of weld repairs in pipeline construction projects
  • Reducing IT system downtime for an accounting firm
  • Reducing Medicare billing rejections for a home healthcare organization
  • Reducing waste in the isometrics drawing production process for an engineering design firm
  • Reducing the risk of IT security threats for a pipeline control system
  • Reducing the environmental impact of batch chemical processes
  • Improving consistency of scoring for an annual staff performance appraisal process in order to reduce the perception of unfairness and favoritism associated with this process
  • University of Houston – Human Resources: Reduced UH System bi-weekly payroll processing errors to reduce the need for additional (i.e., off-cycle) payroll processing each month
    • This project was initiated to address the problem of payroll errors associated with employees that are paid bi-weekly (mostly student workers) and reduce the number of times off-cycle payroll processing must be run to fix all these payroll errors. This project utilized various tools, such as cause-and-effect diagrams, Pareto charts, histograms, etc., to investigate the issues associated with this problem and identify the cause(s) of this problem. After detailed analysis, the root causes of the problem were identified and prioritized. Next, the team brainstormed and analyzed possible solutions to shortlist that could be implemented to fix the root causes of the problem. The implementation of the selected solutions helped reduce the number of errors, which in turn lead to fewer off-cycle payroll processing. To read more about this project, please see tech.uh.edu/news/article/466/lean-six-sigma-project-team-improves-uh-payroll-process.