3-Day Accelerated Control Systems/SCADA Security Class

Information Systems Security Research and Education Center


An accelerated 3 day course designed for information security professionals who wish to gain hands-on experience with SCADA equipment. Class is all-inclusive, book, lunch and parking. This class is the core elements of a semester long graduate class in control systems security, with an emphasis on hands-on exercises to explore how these systems function and learn the effects of "typical" security operations on their operation.


Industrial Network Security, Eric D. Knapp, Syngress, ISBN 978-1-59749-645-2


This course is designed to bring IT security personnel up to speed with process control systems and their traffic over corporate networks. Through this course, students will gain a working knowledge of several control systems security issues, including common risks and mitigation strategies. Topics include: process control network communications, vulnerability identification, network monitoring and incident management. This class is a combination of lecture on theory and hands-on practical laboratory assignments designed to demonstrate the differences between enterprise IT systems and process control systems with respect to security.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn the vocabulary associated with industrial control systems.
  2. Recognize threat vectors to control systems
  3. Review and understand control systems security standards and policies
  4. Analyze and assess vulnerabilities and identify improvements for control system security architecture
  5. Understand the governance and control requirements to develop procedures and select tools to monitor control systems’ vulnerabilities and security events
  6. Conduct a system vulnerability assessment for a control system
  7. Develop strategies to address current and future control system threats and vulnerabilities


December 16, 17, 18, 2014
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Price for each course is $1800.00. Group discount is available for 3 or more persons.


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