Course Description

Information System Security Certificate Program

Program Overview

The University of Houston Information System Security certificate program provides an in depth exposure to information security principles, practices, methods, and tools. The program is offered through the College of Technology as a four-course sequence over either 2 or 3 semesters. Individual courses are either offered as a three-hour evening class during the week and on Saturdays. The program provides two options for participants:

  1. The program is available for professionals who wish to complete this program without going through a full graduate program curriculum. The goal for this group would be to obtain a certificate indicating that they completed a course of study from a 4011/4014e/4016e certified program.
  2. This program can also be completed as a 12 hour concentration in the Master of Science in Information System Security degree program or courses used as electives in University of Houston Masters programs in other disciplines. Approval for this option should be confirmed through communication with the individual's graduate advisor.

The following are the list of courses in the University of Houston information assurance certificate program:

  • CIS 6321 - Principles of Information Security: This course is designed to be a level-setting exposure to information systems security principles, practices, methods, and tools.
  • CIS 6322 - Secure Enterprise Computing: This course provides an understanding of information security operations, including intrusion detection, incident response, and other operational security issues.
  • CIS 6323 - Cryptography and Information Systems Security: This course provides an understanding of encryption principles and practices with an emphasis on applying those practices to better secure organizational communications.
  • CIS 6324 - Information Systems Security Risk Analysis: This course provides an understanding of organizational security risks and how to manage exposure to those risks.
  • CIS 6337 - Digital Forensics: This course explores the world of digital forensics, covering both e-discovery and civil procedure issues associated with digital evidence in today's legal environment.
  • CIS 6358 - Secure Software Design: This course explores the tools, techniques and procedures necessary to produce code that is secure by design, deployment and operation.
  • 6397 - SCADA Systems Security: the application of security to process control and SCADA systems.
  • 6397 - Penetration Testing: The tools, techniques and procedures to perform penetration testing on networks and applications.

As participants complete individual courses in the program, a University of Houston information assurance certificate will be issued to the participant acknowledging the completion of that IA education and training course and content. A final certificate containing the CNSS logo of the NSA and the College of Technology logo is issued to participants to signify that the participant either completed 4011 or 4014e and 4016e education and training when they complete the group of courses that contain all of the elements of those standards.