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  • Certificate in Foresight May 2015
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  • Certificate in Foresight 2014
  • Certificate in Foresight 2014


The Foresight certificate program is a 5-day, project-based, face-to-face workshop. Participants learn to anticipate disruptive change and work towards the creation of transformational change in order to influence the future of their organizations, companies and communities. Participants will receive a professional certificate and four (4) CEUs (Continuing Education Units) from the University of Houston for attending the seminar. Students can also obtain a separate departmental certificate of achievement if they complete a foresight project after program delivery.

"Foresight studies educates you in different aspects of thinking about how the world works, such as cause and effect through systems thinking, social change, and planning through scenarios. Studying foresight:

  • Energizes your creativity
  • Expands your connections
  • Exposes you to potential futures
  • Encourages you to be more aware
  • Enables your thinking processes to expand
  • Educates you in different aspects of thinking"

- Center for the Future of Museums

"Just wanted to say thanks for a terrific seminar last week. I enjoyed the material and presentation immensely and thought the group was a dynamic mix. It was a pleasure working with you and Peter. I figure there is a high plausibility of more foresight work in my future. Thanks for your time, insights and expertise."

- Dan Downey, Freelance Strategist

"The University of Houston's Foresight program gave me the models I needed to analyze the futures of my sector (market research) and the futures of other markets. Some of this thinking on the futures of market research has appeared in the Journal of Advertising Research (The Shape of Marketing Research in 2021), Quirk's Marketing Research Review (The rules of engagement: Lessons learned from creating an MROC for Millennials), and a chapter in an upcoming book on the subject (Leading Edge Marketing Research: 21st Century Tools and Practices)."

"Much thanks to Dr. Bishop for distilling years of study and practice into a week that is both insightful and actionable."

- Robert Moran, President US, Brunswick

Foresight Certificate Students

The number of professional certificate graduates has reached nearly 400 individuals and continues to grow. 

Certificate students come from a wide range of backgrounds, not just professionally, but culturally and geographically as well. A few interesting facts about the diversity of our students:

  • Almost 40% of the certificate graduates have been from outside the U.S.
  • About 15% have been from Europe, 5% from Asia and Latin America.
  • After the U.S., the top-ranked home countries of our students are: Canada (51), The Netherlands (10), Belgium (10), Singapore (8) and the UK (8).
  • We have even had five participants from Australia and New Zealand!

We invite you to join us for the five-day seminar in Houston or Brussels. Our certificate seminars are limited to 30 students, which allows for optimal class time, small group work, and networking opportunities. Please see the dates below for more information about the curriculum and to register.

Foresight Seminar (5 Days) - Houston, Texas, USA

Upcoming Seminar Dates


  • University of Houston


Hilton University of Houston
4800 Calhoun Road
Houston, Texas 77004
Group Code: UHFJ
Foresight Group Rate (Info and online reservations for January 2016)

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  • $3,000.00 (Seminar includes continental breakfast/coffee, lunch and afternoon refreshments)


Registration fees can be paid by credit card - Register Here

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Content Outline

Download the Program Outline. Please contact Dr. Andy Hines for questions about content.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30am - 10:00am Introduction Orientation Alternative Perspectives Scenario Development Implications Analysis Change Management & Foresight Maturity Model
10:15am - 12:00pm Systems Thinking Framing & Scanning Scenario Development Issue-Based Planning Framework Foresight Review & Example
1:30pm - 3:15pm Change Framework Forecasting Forecasting Project Work Leadership Vision Forecasting Project Work
3:30pm - 5:00pm Social Change Baseline Analysis Forecasting Project Work Goal-Based Planning Forecasting Project Work

Certificate in Foresight Online

The Foresight program at the University of Houston offers two avenues to the certificates in Foresight.

The Professional Certificate is the original one-week program offered in Houston twice a year and occasionally in other locations, such as Brussels. Most students take the program face-to-face, but the Certificate is also through the academic intro course in the graduate program (FORE 6311:  Introduction to Foresight). Enrollment and completion of the course as a pregrad student is the online version of the Foresight certificate.

All academic courses are offered both on campus and online simultaneously. More information can be found on the Foresight page, or download the admissions procedures PDF for the academic courses and at the Pre-Graduate Information page.

Contact Information

Dr. Andy Hines, or call 832-367-5575

For information about registration, transportation, accommodations or other questions, please email Alexandra Whittington.