Configuration Management Certification Courses


The UH College of Technology is pleased to partner with the Configuration Management Process Improvement Center (CMPIC) to provide courses for professional individuals who desire to broaden their knowledge in configuration management. The courses created are designed to inform and inspire students. The goal is to assure that configuration management and related professionals attain a complete understanding of the CM landscape, from principles and processes to effective and efficient implementation techniques. The courses examine all perspectives of CM rather than focusing on a single ideology. Additionally, students receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon successful completion of each course.

Currently, three courses are offered:

Standards and Approach

Industry standards such as Configuration Management (i.e. ANSI/EIA-649A, ISO 10007, etc.), Quality (i.e. ISO 9001), CMMI, ITIL and others form a solid foundation for the courses offered. The class approach is to: (1) know the requirements of the standards; (2) identify additional requirements that may be necessary but are not in the standards (i.e automation etc.); (3) learn the various implementation options and how to make them happen.

Schedule and Registration

Classes are held at a variety of times and at many locations. To register for classes, please visit the CMPIC website.

UH Contact

For more information about the classes offered, please contact:
Mr. Jerry Pyka
Director of Programs
University of Houston
College of Technology
312 Technology Building
Houston, TX 77204-4023
Phone: 713-743-3741