Minor in Construction Management*

Minor in Construction Management (CM) provides students with fundamental knowledge and skills expected to pursue a career in the construction industry. Such knowledge and skills include construction documents, cost estimating, construction planning and scheduling, and construction law and ethics. The CM Minor is a natural extension for students in Architecture, Business, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, and similar fields. This minor should assist students in developing a competitive edge in the job market.

To satisfy the requirements for earning a minor in Construction Management, a student must pass the following courses with a grade of "C" or better while completing another undergraduate degree at the University of Houston:

  1. CNST 2341 Construction Documents
  2. CNST 2351 Construction Estimating I
  3. CNST 3331 Construction Planning and Scheduling
  4. CNST 3351 Construction Estimating II
  5. CNST 4302 Construction Law & Ethics

To apply for this minor, please fill out the application form.

*Effective Fall 2010