Course Requirements

Master of Science in Futures Studies in Commerce


This degree plan is an inter-disciplinary, high-tech program that prepares strategic fore-sight professionals for careers in long-term forecasting and planning. Futures Studies uses a wide range of theoretical and practical models to examine the sources, patterns and causes of change and stability in order to map probable, plausible and preferable futures.

The following is a list of courses required of all students pursuing the Master of Science in Futures Studies in Commerce. Please note this document is accurate for those who enrolled during the Spring 2011 semester. For a complete description of these courses, visit the University of Houston Graduate Course Catalog.

Course Requirements for the Master of Science in Futures Studies in Commerce

Required Courses: 24 hours semester hours

  • HRD 6300 - Quantitative and Statistical Methods for Human Resources Development
  • HDCS 6331 - Advanced Strategies for Futures Planning in Consumer Sciences and Retailing
  • HDCS 6332 - Consumer Issues and Futures Applications
  • FUTR 6311 - Introduction to Future Studies
  • FUTR 6319 - Proseminar in Futures Studies
  • FUTR 6351 - Futures Research
  • TECH 6353 - Scenarios and Visions
  • FUTR 6371 - World Futures

Domain Courses: Choose nine (9) semester hours:

Research Option: Choose three (3) semester hours:

  • FUTR 6395 - Master's Project in Futures Studies in Commerce
  • FUTR 6396 - Internship in Futures Studies in Commerce
  • FUTR 6399 - Master's Thesis in Futures Studies in Commerce

All students must receive advising from a Futures Studies in Commerce faculty member before filing the degree plan. Contact Dr. Peter Bishop for advising.