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Graduate Degrees

Master of Science Degrees

The College of Technology offers the following Master of Science (MS) degrees:

  • Construction Management - Provides an advanced knowledge of construction project planning and management, quantitative methods, cost analysis and estimating, and quality control and productivity improvement methods.
  • Engineering Technology - Biotechnology Track - This program focuses on bioprocessing, protein engineering, computational biology, and federal regulations. Designed to help prepare individuals to conduct or supervise research and development in biotechnology or biomedical fields. This degree is a highly inter- and multi-disciplinary field that defines interdisciplinary education and research in the 21st century.
  • Engineering Technology - Computational Health Informatics Track -Provides a highly interdisciplinary degree that aims at preparing the next generation of engineers for a career in the technological transformation of healthcare. The program places specific emphasis on mobile computing, medical imaging and instrumentation, wearable sensors, multimodal data mining, and information security as applied to health care delivery.
  • Engineering Technology - Mechanical Engineering Technology Track - Provides an integrated multi-disciplinary program designed to prepare individuals with practical and theoretical skills in Technology with a focus in applied Mechanical Engineering. This relationship facilitates the translation of research findings to meet current industry needs.
  • Engineering Technology - Network Communications Track - Provides an advanced knowledge of communication between and within computer networks, including data processing in the network environment, network operations software and operating systems, and communication systems.
  • Executive Human Resource Development - The Executive Master's in Human Resource Development is a unique, experiential program that develops participants to lead strategy execution by leveraging learning and change from a global perspective. The program enables graduates to leverage learning and change theory, frameworks, tools and techniques that facilitate strategy execution. An integral component of the curriculum is immediate workplace application. Students are required to complete action research projects that relate to change and learning in a work setting. The action research projects start during the first semester and extend throughout the program, resulting in a capstone presentation in the final semester.
  • Foresight - Program focuses on forecasting and planning discontinuous and transformational change by analyzing rapid alterations in external environments and by using systems thinking to increase the chances of achieving preferred futures.
  • Global Retailing - Students examine the dynamics of worldwide impact multi-cultural consumer behavior, retail analytics, profitability and financial models.
  • Human Resource Development - This program is designed for the professional who seeks advanced preparation utilizing powerful tools to facilitate sustainable change in diverse organizations.
  • Information System Security - Designed to equip technology professionals to assess security needs of information and network systems and then to manage the implementation and maintenance of the recommended security solutions. NSA 4011 and 4014 certified.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Technology - This program is designed for the professional who seeks advanced preparation in logistics, inventory management, transportation, sales, and procurement.
  • Technology Project Management - Provides students with a leadership foundation and the opportunity to focus on an area of directed study.