Faculty and Staff Spotlight

Achievements of Faculty and Staff Members in our College

HDCS Professor JungKun Park

Dr. JungKun Park joined the Department of Human Development and Consumer Sciences in 2010 from Purdue University where he was Assistant professor in E-commerce in the Department of Consumer Sciences and Retailing. Dr. Park's research is shaping global retailing best practices as demonstrated through an extensive portfolio of publications in international retailing, sales and marketing, and e-commerce journals. He is widely noted as a scholar and expert in the many fascinating and trending areas of social media, online consumer behavior, interactive mobile marketing technologies that affect consumers and businesses. In recognition of his scholarly contributions, Dr. Park was awarded the College of Technology Fluor Award for Faculty Research Excellence in 2012. For the full article, please visit http://www.uh.edu/technology/news-events/stories/2014/march/033114-faculty-spotlight.php.

ILT Professor Lila Carden

Dr. Lila Carden is an Instructional Associate Professor in the Technology Project Management Program in the Information, Logistics and Technology (ILT) Department. 

Carden currently teaches several project management courses where her teaching philosophy includes providing academic tools for students to learn the fundamental contents of the courses through conducting research, problem solving and critical thinking. As an example, in the Project Management Seminar and Integration Project Seminar classes, Dr. Carden and project faculty chairs assist students in conducting academic research and executing technology-related projects including software upgrades, training programs, supply chain projects, and security initiatives. For the full article, please visit http://www.uh.edu/technology/news-events/stories/2014/february/022714-faculty-spotlight.php.

Professor Deniz Gurkan receives $900K to connect UH with Internet2’s 100-Gbps Innovation Network

Dr. GurkanThe National Science Foundation has awarded the prestigious Campus Cyberinfrastructure – Network Infrastructure and Engineering (CC-NIE) grant to Dr. Deniz Gurkan in the Department of Engineering Technology. The grant will connect the University of Houston to the Internet2’s fastest network connection at 100 Gbps by 2014 – a giant leap from the current bandwidth connectivity of 10 Gbps.

This is the first initiative for UH to connect to the advanced software-defined network (SDN) built by the Internet2. Dr. Gurkan’s grant also has a unique flow separation and analysis system to enable high bandwidth data transfers from UH domain science laboratories with a network troubleshooting capability. For example, data generated from a research lab microscope may be transmitted at 10 Gbps, instead of the current 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps, towards high performance computing sites in the campus. “Our research will provide network engineers deeper insight to bandwidth utilization and consecutively, an improved process for computer network design and planning,” said Dr. Gurkan.

The grant will fund the connectivity upgrade to 100 Gbps for Rice University as well. Dr. Gurkan has previously led the efforts to bring a GENI rack to the University of Houston as part of her network science and research infrastructure efforts.