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Alan Powell

TAA Vice-President


Alan PowellAlan Powell graduated in 1983 with a degree in Industrial Technology. Personal and professional obligations have made it hard to make time for some of the friends he met in college, but that's where TAA comes in.

"I like tailgating because I still sit with the same guys we sat with when were students," Powell said. "We hung out all the time in school and now sometimes during the year one of the only times we get to hang out is during the football and basketball seasons. That's one of the real reasons. I don't know what all of the football plays are I just like hanging out."

Powell works at HD Supply in the electrical division in outside sales and his official title on the TAA board is Immediate Past President.

"I was around when they started SIDO the (Supply Chain Industry Organization), I was a treasurer and a then a board member. Then I was president of Psi Sigma Epsilon and board member of that."

Powell's approach to alumni involvement is just as laid back as he is.

"You have to go and talk to them one-on-one," Powell said. "You also have to come up with professional programming, something that's relevant to people after they've graduated so they feel like they're getting something out of their alumni organization."

For Powell, the most rewarding part of being a member of TAA has been the connections he's made.

"I like meeting new friends," Powell said. "I've met a number of people who were in the same college that weren't my classmates, but now those are some of the friends I hang out with."

- Jasmine Harrison