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Alumni Spotlight

College of Technology

Chris Heitman - Fall 2003 Alum

Chris HeitmanWhen Chris Heitman graduated from UH in December of 2003, he'd learned how to exercise his body as well as his mind.

"I learned to study while training at the campus rec center," said Heitman. "Now I can pretty much go through a 500 page book in about 2-3 weeks doing cardio."

Heitman graduated with a degree in mechanical technology from the College of Technology, and directly credits his education for getting him to where he is now.

"It got me a door into the oilfield and management as well," said Heitman. "The diversity at UH also helps because you encounter a lot of crazy people out there."

Heitman's favorite memory at UH was his senior design project.

"We had to design and build a go cart," said Heitman. "We drove it all over the college."

After graduating from UH, Heitman went on to work at WoodCo USA, where he is a project manager. Chris Heitman's DogHe currently lives in Spring Branch with his Rottweiler, Roxy.

"I call her Rocks for short," said Heitman. "She's about my size."

While Heitman has advanced in his professional life, he's achieved some major goals in his personal life as well.

In 2005 Heitman began competing in natural body building contests. He won his first competition at a small show in Stafford, Texas.

Chris Heitman"It got me hooked," said Heitman. "The second show I did was at Reliant Center in 2006 and I won first in my novice class- after that had to go to the upper level divisions."

Heitman explains that in natural body building, all competitors are drug tested, and instead of going for the overly enhanced muscle look- a better, more natural body is encouraged.

"It's along the lines of modeling," said Heitman. "You're trying to build a more aesthetically pleasing physic."

Heitman's biggest win came when he won first place in the Texas Shredder competition- the biggest natural bodybuilding competition in the state. As a price he won a ring and three swords- one of which he wore to work.

Throughout all of his wins in the world of bodybuilding, Heitman still considers his biggest accomplishment in life as moving into management Chris Heitmanat his company, WoodCo.

He still comes to UH do to presentations on lay manufacturing and serves on the Mechanical Technology advisory board.

In looking towards the future, though Heitman would like to continue bodybuilding, his education is never far from his mind.

"I would like to become a professional natural body builder," said Heitman. "Then I can go back to school and get a master's in engineering and management. If I could get my pro card it would be cool. Then it would be time to move on and work on my brain."

Heitman's next competitions will be on May 8th and 9th 2009 at the westside Omni Hotel in Houston.

- Jasmine Harrison