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Alumni Spotlight

College of Technology

Amanda Heath - 2002 Alum

Amanda HeathAmanda Heath graduated in 2002 with a degree in Industrial Distribution and Logistics Technology that she feels has been the sole reason for her success and promotion in the workplace.

"I have the job I have today because of my degree," Heath said. "My company, Stewart and Stevenson, found me six years ago because they searched for that particular degree."

During her time at UH, Heath served as secretary for the Supply Chain Industry Organization (SIDO), and considers the group's activities among some of her fondest memories at the university.

She also credits Joy Lloyd, founding director of the Center for Transportation Policy and Logistics, for positively influencing her UH experience.

"You could tell she really cared about what we were doing and what we got out of our education," Heath said. "Our success was her success and she really took pride and helped us get to where we wanted to go. She made it fun."

Heath currently lives in Dallas with her Jack Russell Terrier, Biggio, and has become active in the DFW chapter of the UH Alumni Association. Amanda Heath's Dog

"I feel like UH has a really strong network up here that hasn't been tapped into too much," Heath said. "And now since networking is so important, utilizing whatever resources you have is a great idea."

Heath recently received her MBA in December and is considering returning for a second master's since she is a self described "sucker for school."

She also considers her degree from UH central in her professional accomplishments.

"I've moved up at work pretty quickly," Heath said. "I'm one of the youngest managers they've ever had."

Because of this Heath, feels a connection with the school and a need to give back.

"I owe a lot back and I feel connected that way," Heath said. "The people involved are really fantastic and I still keep in touch with them. "UH is such a great school and I feel everyone should know what they have to offer."

Even though UH wasn't her first choice, Heath became instantly attached to the university.

"It was supposed to be temporary and I fully expected to go on to A&M," Heath said. "But I fell in love with UH and couldn't leave."

Heath is excited about the direction of the university under the leadership of President Dr. Renu Khator.

"I loved it when Dr. Khator came up to Dallas and spoke to us," Heath said. "Her speech wasn't all roses and sunshine. I feel like she is actually going to make a huge difference. I'm really excited about what's going on UH. It's awesome."

Heath has continued her involvement with the DFW Alumni Association by chairing the group's annual charity golf tournament this summer.

"It went really well," Heath said. "We had about 40 people for golf and a total of about 75 for the dinner. We had Coach Sumlin speak which was a lot of fun!"

Heath had a connection at the golf course, which her company uses every year for their annual golf tournament.

"We use this course for a work tournament every year," Heat said.

Though she admittedly planned a majority of the event, Heath was eager to give credit where it was due.

"I had some assistance from some of the other group members," Heath said. "So the tournament was easier to handle because of the help."

- Jasmine Harrison