Leading Women in STEM

eventUniversity of Houston Phi Sigma Rho is an organization dedicated to women who major in engineering and technology. Dr. Holly Hutchins, associate professor of human development and consumer science serves as an advisor to members from the College of Technology, Engineering, and Natural Science & Mathematics.  During the ‘Leading Women in STEM’ event, April 19 at the University of Houston, Dr. Deniz Gurkan, associate professor of computer engineering technology participated in a panel. Other speakers included Dr. Donna Stokes, associate professor of physics, Dr. Yashashree Kulkarni, associate professor of mechanical engineering,  Sharon Drake, (‘ 06) a process automation engineer at Dow Chemical Company and founder of the Phi Sigma Rho Upsilon chapter; and alumnus Aubrey Swilling, who studied biomedical engineering at UH and a research data coordinator at MD Anderson, Houston, Texas.