Computer Engineering Technology Students Reflect on Experience Instrumental Games in Calgary

instructmentalCollege of Technology computer engineering technology students Karine Wilson, J Patterson, Mohammad Palwalla, and Edgar Rodriquez participated in the Instrumental Student Games in Calgary, Canada. The students and their advisor, instructional associate professor Mequanint Moges visited South Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), a polytechnic university in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. From March 15 to the 17, students from several universities formed 18 teams where they performed various tasks such as adjusting PH sensors, configuring firmware for water tanks, and working with control valves.  “The experience I had at SAIT was amazing.  The instruments we used in the challenges were interesting as this was my first time working hands-on with them,” said Edgar Rodriquez. During the trip, they received a tour of the power dissipation facility and learned how the university students were trained.  They also took part in a “lunch and learn session” where they learned how MODBUS communication works, which transmits information between industrial electronic devices.  On the last day, a reward ceremony was held for the top three student teams. “The points that my team had did not matter to me because the experience of participating in the games was the real reward,” said J Patterson.