Renowned Strategic Foresight Expert Announces Retirement

After encouraging students through the support of futures studies for 30 years, Dr. Peter Bishop is now an active faculty retiree. His legacy has touched the lives of countless students and his enthusiasm was a source of encouragement to his colleagues.

The future studies program was founded in1974 and Dr. Bishop has contributed tremendously to the success of the program since 1983. In the Strategic Foresight certificate program students learn about disruptive change and how to work towards the creation of transformational change in order to influence the future of their organizations, companies and communities. In the Futures Studies in Commerce master's program, students emphasize systemic and transformational change focused on achieving long-term goals. 

Influenced by Dr. Bishop’s academic contributions, several graduates from the program have moved on to pursue careers in non-profit enterprises and future-related research firms. Others have founded organizations across the U.S. and the world such as the Accelerates Studies Foundation in California, New Moon Research in Atlanta and Future Studies Center in Brazil.

In the college’s efforts to sustain his passion for learning, teaching and building futures studies, he will teach a smaller selection of courses part-time, manage the certificate program and represent the University and the program. Hoping that all students will learn how to anticipate and influence the future, Dr. Bishop foresees one or more courses being included in the core curriculum. He is collaborating with other foresight programs around the world to define a common core of what the College of Technology teaches to further improve and guide others would desire to start new programs.

During his retirement party held in September, he shared kind words or encouragement with his colleagues. “Be grateful for the legacy that you are building and I only hope that someday you will feel the warmth and gratitude and the good feelings when people have touched your life.” The College congratulates and celebrates the evidence of hard work and welcomes the start of new beginnings and anticipated contributions.