Cloud makes learning a breeze for engineering technology students

The University of Houston is among the first universities to launch a cloud-based learning platform with DecisionSpace(R)Well Engineering software donated by Landmark, a group within Halliburton. Cloud-based learning software offers vast improvements in information management and access. It is available on demand through the click of an Internet browser with an inherent social platform that promotes effective real-time communication between instructors and students. Mechanical Engineering technology students who are enrolled in courses taught by Dr. Robello Samuel are learning about the design and operation of drilling rig components, circulating systems, well control and monitoring systems, drill bit hydraulics, drilling mud composition, properties and functions through the cloud. “UH is on the forefront of changing the way that we engage students in the classroom. Halliburton wanted to experiment with placing course information on the cloud   and reached out to the universities that could make it happen.  UH was selected among the first to make it a viable rollout,” said Dr. Samuel.

Dr. Samuel is a Technology Fellow with Landmark Software and Services with more than 25 years of experience in domestic and international oil and gas drilling operations, management, consulting and teaching.

The cloud initiative allows students to retrieve the complete suite of course information and tools on demand.  The instructor has the capability to change and make upgrades “on the fly”.  Students also have access to online help – inside and outside of the classroom. 

“Our positive experience with UH promises to open up new avenues to enhance learning. A few other universities are implementing similar cloud initiatives, however, we fully expect this to become the norm in the future,” said Nagaraj Srinivasan, Vice President Landmark Software & Services Research and Development. 

For the future, additional technologies will be incorporated to extend the use of software to drive new concepts and enhance the overall teaching experience.