Distinguished Speaker Series features Biotechnology Professor

Dr. Rupa Iyer, Director and Associate Professor of Biotechnology Programs and the Center for Life Sciences Technology, was invited to visit and speak at Jackson State University in Mississippi at their Distinguished Speakers Seminar Series on February 27. Earlier in the month, Dr. Paul B. Tchounwou, Associate Dean and Professor of the School of Science and Technology at Jackson State, visited the University of Houston and was greatly impressed with Dr. Iyer's work in biotechnology education and research. "I was also very impressed with the innovative design of new labs that can be reconfigured at any time at low cost to fulfill other needs and functionalities," said Dr. Tchounwou of his tour of the research facilities. At the Distinguished Speakers Seminar Series, Dr. Iyer discussed the development, implementation, design, assessment, and dissemination of the Biotechnology Program. The presentation focused on the transformation of the education of undergraduate biology students and the adoption of interdisciplinary instruction in classrooms and laboratories.