Digital Media welcomes a new Voice

"Let your conscience be your guide." – Jiminy Cricket

Guided from California, one of the College of Technology's newest faculty members also happens to be the voice of a popular Disney character. Relocating from Los Angeles as an independent producer of digital media, Phil Snyder joined the College of Technology in January 2013. Here, he enthusiastically shares years of experience through his teaching digital photography, video production, and visual communications technology courses. Professor Snyder earned his Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Production at California State University Northridge and his Master of Fine Arts in TV/Film/Theatre at California State University Los Angeles, where he taught television production.

As an animator, Professor Snyder has produced some of the most-watched educational animations on YouTube, the "NumBears," with nearly 8 million views between his two channels. Acting introduced Professor Snyder to video production technology. Growing up, Snyder entertained family and friends with his impressions of "Alvin and the Chipmunks." He started performing impressions at stand-up comedy shows, and launched a successful career in the entertainment world as a voice-over actor, producer, and director. In May 2010, Snyder became the official voice of the classic Disney character, Jiminy Cricket. He is also the voice of popular Mattel Toys interactive talking toy, "Stinky the Garbage Truck," which made its debut in 2010.

"I am excited about the boundless future that awaits us here. We are working on a new class in 2-D animation where students will learn to animate the graphics and characters that will be used in web applications and conventional television productions," Professor Snyder said. "More revolutionary digital media courses are on the horizon with the introduction of transmedia storytelling techniques, and 3-D animation," he added.

"It is energizing to be surrounded by College of Technology students who are very serious about learning. Most often, digital photography or video production courses are expected to be in the liberal arts or communications colleges. As an artist and technologist, it is very exciting to be here because I love working with digital media and am motivated by people who are serious about the business, just as the people who are in Hollywood and production studios are very serious about their craft," said Professor Snyder.