UH Mourns loss of Project Management Professor, Dr. Michael Gibson

Dr. Michael GibsonThe College of Technology is mourning the passing of Dr. Michael Lucas Gibson who died Saturday, January 5. Professor Gibson joined the College of Technology in 2002 and served as chair of the Information and Logistics Technology Department for several years. He taught graduate level courses, including technology project management, data base management, and information systems analysis and design. "As a senior professor, Michael was a valuable colleague and mentor to our faculty, and he will be missed by all," said Dr. William E. Fitzgibbon, Dean of the College of Technology.

A dedicated supporter of the College's relationship with the Project Management Institute, Gibson was instrumental in effectively positioning and advancing the Technology Project Management program.

Dr. Gibson earned his Master's in Business Administration and Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Kentucky and B.S. from Georgetown College. In addition to his specialization in project management and data base design, Dr. Gibson's field of research and teaching included enhancing managerial decision-making and organizational functionality and operations through information systems and the methodologies supporting the interrelated areas.

He is survived by his wife Krystal and son Jason.