Welcome Back

On behalf of the College, I extend a hearty welcome to all new and returning Technology Cougars. With great pride, I am pleased to share that our College continues to set enrollment growth records at nearly 4,000 students, an estimated increase of 7 percent since last fall. 

The College offers unmatched opportunities for creativity and innovation with a diversity of projects that touch numerous aspects of our everyday lives.  Our students enthusiastically involve enrich their academic experiences at UH and in the College of Technology in a number of ways, whether it is by mentoring kids through the Cougars for Kids organization, forming new professional relationships through our many events like the Career Fair, or participating in student associations. 

Please take a moment to visit the top stories on our new website to learn about some of the achievements and contributions of our students and alumni. Take, for example, Nicole Rawlins.  One of our construction management program students, she scored highest in the nation on the American Institute of Constructors’ (AIC) national certification exam.   A total of 1,013 students across the country took the exam, which consisted of 300 questions and a written component.  It took eight hours to complete and the national passing rate is only about 50 percent because of the difficulty of the exam.  Nicole shot UH to the forefront of the construction management field with this accomplishment.  College of Technology students like Nicole are making their indelible mark on the future of technology-related fields.

I am certain that there are many more untold stories about our current students and alumni because we encourage our students to get to know our talented faculty – exceptional teachers, technologists, and researchers who have the real-world connections to the business and industry communities that make a significant difference in your learning experience. We will share more of their stories in the Innovations newsletter, on our website, and in our social media during the coming semesters.

Looking forward to another successful year, we expect   to see the consistently active involvement of our alumni and friends. We will keep you updated on our growth and progress —and how to take part.

With warm regards,

Dr. William E. Fitzgibbon, III, Dean